Paula Patton Blames Robin Thicke For Son Julian’s Recent Behavior Issues

There is something wrong with Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s son, according to his mother, and she wants to get to the bottom of it. As Paula and Robin launch into a pretty contentious custody battle, Paula argues that she isn’t interested in battling over who gets to see their son and when. Instead, the Warcraft actress insists that she really just wants to find out what is wrong with her son, who has reportedly been acting out in alarming ways.

Earlier this week, Paula Patton filed paperwork asking for sole custody of Julian. The move came at the same time that she filed a temporary protective order that forces Robin Thicke to stay away from her and restricts visits with Julian to scheduled and supervised visitation. Patton cited Thicke’s reported history of infidelity, domestic violence, and drug use as reasons to keep Robin away from she and her son. A judge agreed and signed off on the order, even though Thicke has responded and said that Patton is making salacious claims against him in order to win the custody dispute over their son.

While Paula will continue to seek sole legal and physical custody of Julian Fuego at some point, right now the actress is taking a moment to figure out what is bothering the little boy. According to TMZ, Paula Patton is very concerned with the way that Julian has been acting out lately and wants to get to the bottom of his issues before working on a permanent custody arrangement.

Julian has reportedly been hyperventilating and “freaking out” which is causing Paula and officials at the boy’s school quite a bit of concern. He has been put into therapy to see if they can get a handle on Julian’s outbursts and also to figure out if something happened to traumatize him that no one knows about. It was reported that Paula, Robin, and Julian had been attending family gatherings together prior to the huge blow up several days ago that led to Paula asking for a restraining order.

Initially, this child custody dispute between Paula and Robin started up a few weeks back after school officials reported that Julian complained that his dad spanked him “too hard.” As children’s’ service officials became involved, it seems that Robin and Paula’s previously friendly co-parenting relationship disintegrated rather quickly.

The Inquisitr reported previously that the protection order stems from an altercation that took place at Paula Patton’s mother’s house. Paula and Julian were at the home while the child was being interviewed by childrens’ services workers about his claims that his father, Robin Thicke, had spanked him too hard and that he was scared of the man.

Robin Thicke showed up at Paula’s mother’s house and began banging on the door, according to reports. Thicke refused to leave and demanded to see his son, who as of late, wants nothing to do with him. Robin finally left but not before Paula called police and reported the incident.

Right now, Paula Patton has made it clear that her top priority is to find out what is bothering Julian so badly. She won’t be going forward with any permanent custody or visitation fights with Robin Thicke until the therapist gets to the bottom of whatever is going on. Robin and his lawyers have been adamant that he has not abused Paula or Julian, and that the accusations waged against him are old and that she is just using the cheating and abuse claims from before their divorce in order to gain an edge in winning custody of their son.

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