Paula Patton Vs. Robin Thicke: Custody Battle Over Julian Unearths Shocking Cheating Claims That Led To Their Divorce

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are battling for custody of their son Julian. As the child abuse allegations are flung, claims of Thicke’s serial cheating, drug use, and physical abuse are coming out. It’s no secret that Robin was accused of infidelity during his marriage but the recent cheating claims waged against the “Blurred Lines” singer make him look like a total marriage monster.

On Thursday, L.A. Superior Court Judge Colin Leis issued a restraining order against Robin Thicke according to the Los Angeles Times. Per the order, Robin has to stay away from Paula Patton and only gets to enjoy supervised visits with their 6-year-old son Julian. The order reportedly cites Thicke’s history of abuse as the reason it was granted.

The order reportedly cites Thicke’s history of abuse as the reason it was granted. This was actually Paula’s second request for a temporary protection order with the first being denied on January 12.

In the statement requesting a protection order, Paula Patton detailed Robin Thicke’s history of domestic abuse and cheating as well as his history of drug and alcohol abuse. Attorneys for Thicke said that Paula’s claims were baseless and that she was just trying to retaliate due to the child custody battle that is currently going on.

The current custody battle boiled over on January 19 when Robin Thicke is accused of showing up at Paula Patton’s mother’s house. Paula and her son Julian were there but the child was being interviewed by child services workers. Robin is accused of banging on the door and refusing to leave, finally going after Paula called the police.

Now that Paula and Robin’s legal drama has been gaining headlines, details from their nine-year marriage are starting to emerge and if true, it’s totally understandable why Paula left. Don’t forget that after Paula Patton filed for divorce, Robin Thicke begged her to take him back, wrote an album, and named it after her and even proclaimed his love for Patton on stage at several of his concerts.

Patton had enough of Robin Thicke’s antics and no amount of groveling was going to fix that. Some of the claims Patton is making are against Thick are pretty shocking. According to Perez Hilton, Paula is accusing Robin of inviting his drug dealer named Guido to Julian’s fifth birthday party but that’s not even the worst of it.

When they were married, Patton has charged that Thicke cheated on her often, and sometimes even when she was just in another room. She claimed that back in 2013, Robin cheated on her on Valentine’s Day in the same hotel suite they were sharing but in another room. He reportedly invited some friends over to party and ended up trying to have sex with one of them while Paula and their son slept but that he was having problems getting aroused because he had done too much cocaine.

Paua also charges that Robin cheated on her on the same night he performed that controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with Miley Cyrus back in 2013. Paula claims that after the VMA performance, she returned to the hotel room they were sharing but found Robin already in bed with two naked women.

In addition to the cheating revelations that Paula reportedly caught Robin trying to get away with, she claims that he confessed to even more. That includes a confession that Robin Thick cheated on Paula Patton, having unprotected sex with seven women while he was out on tour.

The final straw after all that alleged cheating that finally pushed Paula Patton to file for divorce, according to the Daily Mail, was when their previously open relationship with their masseuse named Jasmine turned into a secret twosome between Robin and Jasmine, leaving Paula out.

Now that Paula Patton and Robin Thicke have been divorced for nearly two years, the cheating allegations shouldn’t matter. The marriage is over, after all. The cheating allegations have recently been dredged back up along with claims of emotional and physical abuse as Paula seeks to keep Robin away from herself and their son Julian after claiming that the boy is afraid of his dad.

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