WWE News: Top 10 Surprise Returns Or Debuts Possible For Royal Rumble Match Tonight

Tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble event will be fun but we all watch for the special things that go down in the Rumble match itself, and it looks like there are 10 major names that could make an impression in a return or debut in this match but with only eight spots left, who will make it in? Every year we see fun returns added to this match, usually from older veterans looking to make one quick return. Sometimes however, we see debuts added to this match like with AJ Styles last year.

No matter what happens, it always makes a big impression. It is expected that this match will be fun and exciting. With this being the most unpredictable Royal Rumble match in history, you never know if a returning or debuting star could go on to win the Rumble and take on a World Champion at WrestleMania 33. Knowing the major names available, it made sense to break down who could be in the match.

Obviously due to the rumors and news going on for this match and with only eight spots open, not every person listed here will be in the match. This is why a percentage will be added to each person, which will help in knowing who to expect more versus others. Some of the names listed will sound weird while others may make perfect sense.

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First up, Tye Dillinger. It has been reported for months that WWE had plans to bring Tye up to the main roster. It made sense, too, as his popularity has continued to grow with his 10 Chant becoming wildly popular with not just the WWE NXT crowd, but with the main roster crowd as well. Due to the fact that he has every tool you need to make it in WWE, it seems like Vince McMahon would be a huge fan. Debuting Tye makes perfect sense. You can probably add an expectation score of 80 percent.

Next is Rey Mysterio. As reported recently on the Inquisitr, recent news claims Rey is out of his contract with Lucha Underground. This means that he will be available to sign with what ever promotion wants him. While he could just make a random appearance with WWE in tonight’s Rumble match, he could be a welcomed addition to the faltering cruiserweight division too. That said, it would make sense to add an expectation score of 65 percent.

Moving on to an injured star making a return, Shelton Benjamin could very well be making his official return to WWE tonight. He was originally set to make his return when WWE SmackDown Live started off, but it was found during his medical check by WWE that he needed shoulder surgery. This put his return off about six months. That said, he should be good to go. All of this can probably add an expectation score of about 80 percent.

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Carlito was originally set to return to WWE years back in a Rumble match but never actually got the chance to do so despite being backstage for the event. His return to WWE has been rumored for the last few years but it has not happened yet. With his brother and cousin on WWE SmackDown Live, it would make sense for a return tonight when he has been available for some time. However, due to the fact that rumors of his return have calmed down recently, it makes sense to set his return at 40 percent.

Finn Balor has been out with an injury since WWE SummerSlam when he won the WWE Universal Title. He has been spotted without a sling around him for months after surgery on his labrum. He has mentioned that he would not be in the Rumble only because as of the time he was asked, he was not contacted about it. He said if WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did ask him to be there, he would be. Balor happens to be a favorite to win if he’s in it and he’s good to go. That said, there should be an expectation score of about 85 percent.

Shinsuke Nakamura just dropped the NXT Championship to Bobby Roode at WWE NXT Takeover: San Antonio on Saturday night. We also saw Nakamura get “hurt” in the match, which allowed Roode to win in a nice heelish way. However, Nakamura has been rumored for the main roster for months now and an injury most likely won’t keep him out of the match. However, WWE is trying to keep NXT within the canon of the main roster, too. While Nakamura is a likely debut for the Rumble, due to the storyline injury his expectation score drops to 45 percent.

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Sting has been away from the WWE since he was hurt working a match against Seth Rollins in 2015. He would go on to retire during his WWE Hall of Fame speech last year, but even retired stars have worked the Royal Rumble match for WWE. No one expects Sting to win it, but he could have a nice role and stare-down with The Undertaker possibly, too. Despite saying he was healthy and probably able to wrestle, on top of the rumors being hot for him, his expectation score should probably be at 50 percent.

Kurt Angle has been an interesting rumor for the Royal Rumble match thus far. He was announced relatively early for the WWE Hall of Fame this year, and there are rumors he will have a WrestleMania match this year, too. A return at the Rumble would make a lot of sense and would bring some huge buzz to the event. Angle recently pulled out of an event for 5 Star Wrestling this weekend as a commentator, which does not make much sense. Most veterans would never turn down a job where they’re getting paid just to talk unless they have something more important to do. That said, his expectation score stands at around 75 percent.

Samoa Joe has been the hottest Royal Rumble debut rumor for the last few months. Literally every single poll has him there and every rumor has him involved as well. If there was ever an easy pick for the match, it would be the Samoan Submission Machine. In fact, some rumors have him winning the whole dang thing. Joe was spotted at NXT Takeover: San Antonio on Saturday night, which means he is in the area and good to go. His expectation score is at 95 percent, and possibly the surest thing on the list.

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Finally, Kenny Omega is a hot rumor even still. He claimed on Friday that he decided to stay with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but Omega is a classic kayfabe worker who loves to keep things quiet for fans. However, his contract issues got out and we all knew he had interest from WWE. NJPW wanted to keep him too, so what does a man do? Clearly Omega could leave and join WWE, but he does have unfinished business in New Japan. Of course Omega could be telling the truth about staying with New Japan, but he may not be. Due to his history with fans, his expectation score is right at a solid 65 percent.

Again, we sadly only have eight spots available and 10 possible names that could be added to the match. All have had rumored tags for the Royal Rumble match, and WWE has been in talks with each of them in the past at one point or another. Obviously, it is undetermined if your favorite from these men will be in, but it can be assured a few from this list will be in the match. The question is, which ones will make their debut or return?

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