SEALs Disciplined For Helping Creating Video Game, One Had Been Part Of Bin Laden Raid

US Navy SEALS were disciplined for revealing secrets while helping a video game developer.

The SEALs included seven members of the elite SEAL Team Six, one of whom had been involved on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, CBS News noted. The SEALs disciplined had reportedly spent two days this spring and summer working as paid consultants for a recently released video game, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Four of the SEALs disciplined had been transferred out of the unit, but all are still on active duty.

The game itself doesn’t involve a replication of the bin Laden mission, but does show other real-life missions, like an attack on pirates in Somalia. The video game company responsible for the game, Electronic Arts, reports that real military experts help consult to make games as realistic as possible.


It was not reported exactly what information the SEAL Team Six members gave, but the Navy says they gave away classified information. As CBS notes, SEALs also carry a reputation of being silent about their missions, purposely shying away from the spotlight.

The SEALs disciplined for the video game work marks a trend away from this unwritten rule. One of the SEALs involved on the bin Laden raid, Mark Owen, wrote a book about his experiences, even going on 60 Minutes to talk about the raid and the book. Later this year a movie, Zero Dark Thirty, will also be released about the bin Laden raid.

The seven SEALs disciplined received a punitive letter of reprisal and were docked half pay for two months, a Navy official told Reuters.