Lady Gaga In Danger? Risky Performance For 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show Frightens Insurance Underwriters

Lady Gaga really can’t afford to flop in her risky 2017 Super Bowl halftime performance. Gaga is putting more than her reputation on the line, as she will be performing from the 260-foot heights of the roof of NRG Stadium.

Lady Gaga is pushing to take her performance to new heights for February 5, but it is way too far to fall, both literally and figuratively. The superstar, at the height of her career, reportedly plans to take on the Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show as a solo act, as well as a death-defying daredevil stunt.

The 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show is the chance of a lifetime for Lady Gaga to make an impression. Super Bowl Halftime Show performances are known to be risky and can make, break or forever change a performer’s image, as CBS Sports points out.

“Playing the Super Bowl may be the pinnacle of pop superstardom, the Mount Everest of shows, but it’s also the most dangerous 12-minute high-wire act in the world for those who step out onto the world’s biggest stage. Yep, Gaga, you’re on the edge of glory, but don’t look down… because the fall is unforgiving. Really, there’s no middle when it comes to this rodeo. It’s kill or be killed out there.”

So Lady Gaga is in real danger both physically and in her public image. About 300 million pairs of eyes will be on her as she either succeeds, fails or possibly falls to her death during the Superbowl 51 halftime show. How riveting is that? Mother Monster’s fan-base will be holding their breath.

The 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show is a dream come true for Lady Gaga. She says she has planned next Sunday’s performance since she was 4-years-old, according to her quote in Oregon Live.

“I’ve been planning this since I was 4. So I know exactly what I’m going to do… For me, it’s all about giving to the fans and bringing people together that wouldn’t normally come together.”

Lady Gaga is planning to bring people together with her Halftime show, but some other aspects of her plan have made insurance companies very nervous, according to Page Six. What the beautiful lady wants to do could be extremely dangerous. The stunt faces problems that require solutions Gaga’s 4-year-old self couldn’t have foreseen.

The 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show has been given to Lady Gaga. She has the full 12 minutes if she wants them, and according to CBS Sports, she does want all 12 minutes. Mother Monster and her troupe of dancers are reportedly the only performers scheduled for the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Lady Gaga Sang the National Anthem at Superbowl 50 in 2016
Lady Gaga Sang the National Anthem at Superbowl 50 in 2016 [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Lady Gaga told CBS Sports she wants to make her performance at the 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show really unique.

“The thing is, is it’s such a big world stage in terms of how many people see it and it’s been done so many times. I think the challenge is to look at it and say, ‘What can I do differently, how can I elevate certain little things here and there and also make it about the music?'”

Lady Gaga wants to sing from the rooftop at the 2017 Super Bowl for the Halftime show. That is certainly one way to “elevate” her performance, but plans to get her up there, not to mention back down, are reportedly still sketchy, according to Page Six. The retractable roof of the NRG Stadium in Houston Texas is made of transparent fabric. It is designed to open in just seven minutes, but it was not designed for easy access.

If the 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show is to feature Lady Gaga singing from atop the roof of NRG Stadium, approximately 260 feet above the football field below, then engineers have their work cut out for them. An inside source told Page Six, “her team is worried.”

“They’re writing up multiple plans about how to safely get her on the roof, including potentially [cutting] a hole in the ceiling of the dome.”

Lady Gaga really wants to perform this stunt live during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but some team members have suggested that perhaps it would be better for Lady Gaga to pre-tape the stunt as a commercial in advance of her actual performance. Either way, it seems to be a death-defying feat.

Will the 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show turn into a daredevil act performed by Lady Gaga? Mother Monster is taking a lot of risks with the complexity of this high wire act. Many questions come to mind.

Lady Gaga Got Her Wings From Victoria's Secret
Lady Gaga Got Her Wings From Victoria's Secret [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

How will Lady Gaga get down from the roof? Will she spend all 12 minutes up there? Will she flutter down on Victoria’s Secret angel’s wings suspended from a wire? After all, she was given a pair of wings by Victoria’s Secret only a few months ago, according to ET Online.

The 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime show will not be the first time Lady Gaga has performed at great heights, singing from rooftops isn’t new for her. It wouldn’t even be a first if she took flight. Could Lady Gaga use “the world’s first flying dress” as described in Pitchfork again?

Lady Gaga demonstrated a “flying dress” at her art rave in 2013. Could she be testing out the latest version of the invention shown in the video below? No one knows yet, but it is good to know that Mother Monster can fly.

Will Lady Gaga either ascend from or descend to the 50-yard line of 2017 Super Bowl 51? It will all be part of the surprise for Super Bowl halftime show viewers.

The 2016 Super Bowl 50 was a great venue for Mother Monster. Lady Gaga awed audiences in 2016 with her performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Maybe Mother Monster is excited to top that amazing Super Bowl performance during this year’s Halftime Show?

Lady Gaga stunned audiences last year with nothing but her voice. Even her fans were taken aback with the power and range of Gaga’s vocals.


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The 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show will be different. It will be a no holds barred, stunning production of the best Lady Gaga has to offer. Many are wondering which songs will be included.

Lady Gaga’s most recent album, Joanne, came out in October, but Billboard anticipates a medley of her older songs. With a successful career of more than a decade, Gaga has plenty to choose from when planning her 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show, but it would be impossible to guess which of her many hits she might choose.

Will Lady Gaga amaze 2017 Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show viewers as she reaches new heights?

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]