Melania Trump FLOTUS Remains Dormant On Twitter: Can You Blame Her? [Opinion]

Melania Trump has taken over the FLOTUS account from Michelle Obama, but she doesn’t seem to have much to say these days to the public. It has been a week since Melania stepped into her new role as the First Lady of the nation, but she’s only sent out one tweet. Her Twitter account remains rather dormant as she follows only three people.

The only tweet sent out can be seen below, as Melania’s FLOTUS account almost looks abandoned with lack of any action from the new First Lady. There may be a very good reason that Melania has shied away from posting something online for the masses to read. After all that’s been said about Melania, Barron and President Donald Trump online, why would she be anxious to offer more fuel for the critics?

If you were Melania Trump, would you put anything down in writing without worrying that it will be made into some type of joke? Would you be concerned that your words might be twisted online and return to bite you if you were Melania?

Melania follows three very safe Twitter accounts, they belong to Vice President Mike Pence, Second Lady Karen Pence and her own husband’s POTUS account, reports the Mirror. Besides the Pope, can you think of anyone else that Melania could follow and be guaranteed they don’t jump on the attack mode under the ploy of comedy or expression of their own political views?

The FLOTUS account that she inherited from Michelle Obama was started by the former First Lady back in January of 2013. Four years later, on her way out the door, Michelle was following only 27 accounts. As far as her activity on the FLOTUS Twitter account, she sent out about 4,000 tweets since its creation, which is now in Melania’s hands.

Social media has been harsh on the Trump family, but Donald Trump has been a bit harsh right back. While she is married to the president, Melania is her own person and it doesn’t appear that her husband’s style is also her style when it comes to fighting battles online. She hasn’t done anything to make her an online target of disparaging tweets, but it still happens.

Melania is a proud woman, which is seen in the many different aspects of her life that have suddenly been opened up to public scrutiny. While there are many, many, people who adore the First Lady of the nation, it is the critics that make the headlines.

Despite holding the position as First Lady, her first role in life is her title as a mother and the evidence of this is seen in pictures and clips as well as things Melania has said in the past. She is proud of her son and pictures that were captured during the inauguration paint a portrait of Melania as a proud doting mother, which is seen below in a tweet.

That proud mother has undoubtedly had her heart broken numerous times after reading all the vile and disturbing things found on social media about the son she adores. Grown adults have taken to social media and tweeted horrendous things about the 10-year-old boy Melania loves more than anything else in this world.

From the Saturday Night Live writer’s tweet suggesting Barron will be the first “home schooled shooter” to Rosie O’Donnell taking the liberty of suggesting Barron has a diagnosis of autism, it has been a cruel ride so far. So why isn’t Melania making a habit out of tweeting daily to the public? That’s an answer pretty easily surmised.

This weekend a comedy show, Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime, opens up in Chicago. A woman comedian who believes she looks enough like Barron Trump to play him in this show, has also created the venue. Would any of you moms out there want your 10-year-old child as the starring character in a comedy show, especially after all the other things that have been said online about Barron?

Melania takes pride in herself as a woman. She is the epitome of class and she’s always seen groomed to perfection. She is extremely intelligent, speaks five languages and has always presented as a woman that should make any nation proud to have as their first lady. A new campaign using an old picture of Melania has been used to poke fun at her husband’s ongoing row with the president of Mexico. The Mexico edition of Vanity Fair has published the magazine with the cover seen below. Melania has nothing at all to do with President Trump’s dealings with Mexico, yet she now seemingly becomes the face of this spat.

The First Lady hasn’t said a mean thing about anyone despite the meanness shown to her. Melania’s greatest aspiration was to work on putting a stop to online bullying against children, which is what she conveyed when her husband was on the campaign trail. Not long after that, horrible things about Melania surfaced online, which have since been deemed fake.

Before Donald Trump became elected, Melania bashing started with an article that linked her to an escort service, which was false. Back in September Melania started a lawsuit against the tabloid that published that story, according to the Huffington Post. News surfaced today about that lawsuit, which is seen in the tweet below.

Today, she’s bombarded with mean-spirited words from Chelsea Handler, a comedian who seems to be trying to paint a picture of Melania as being ignorant. Melania has done nothing to deserve all the unsolicited hatred that has come her way today.

Back on the campaign trail when Melania stated she would fight online bullying, little did she know that online bullying would be something that she would find herself up against. Not to mention her 10-year-old son. The majority of people in this country find Barron endearing and are furious with the treatment this child has endured since stepping into the public eye. This is especially true after seeing him play peek-a-boo with his baby nephew who got a bit fussy during Donald Trump’s signing of executive orders. Shortly after Trump was sworn in as president, Barron is seen behind his father keeping Ivanka’s baby son entertained. This is seen in the tweet below.

Melania takes pride in her husband, despite that clip of her smile changing to a frown as soon as Donald Trump turns his back. This could have happened for a variety of reasons, but instead it is a pictured not only tagged as a woman who is unhappy, but it started a hashtag “Free Melania.” The clip can be seen below.

The writing is basically on the wall when it comes to Melania not utilizing her inherited Twitter account. She is probably very aware that anything she writes could be the next joke for a late night host. Melania being cautious shouldn’t be seen as a snub against the masses. After everything she has endured via social media posts, the average person might never write so much as “hello,” online if they were in Melania’s shoes.

[Featured Image by David Goldman/AP Images]