Camille Grammer Net Worth: ‘RHOBH’ Star Goes After Ex-Boyfriend For More Money?

Camille Grammer has been through a rough period over the past couple of years. Not only did she learn that her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, had been cheating on her and was planning on moving in with his new girlfriend, but she was also diagnosed with cancer and found herself in an abusive relationship. But it sounds like Camille has found a way to fight through her rough period and she’s now trying to settle some outstanding debts. As it turns out, Grammer won her assault lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, Dimitri Charalambopoulos, and he was ordered to pay her attorney fees. However, he hasn’t paid her anything and now Grammer is going after him in court – again.

According to a new Radar Online report, Camille Grammer wants her ex-boyfriend to pay up the amount that the courts ordered him to pay. The District Court for the Northern District of Texas ordered Charalambopoulos to pay Grammer $118,999.61 in attorneys’ fees and $2,308.05 in expenses. And while Camille Grammer would be able to cover these fees with her rumored net worth of roughly $50 million, it sounds like she wants him to cough up the money.

As it turns out, Dimitri had a deadline to pay these fees. He was asked to pay them back in November 2016, but Camille has yet to see a dime. However, he did try to protect himself by filing a Notice of Inability to Pay Court Ordered Attorney’s Fees because he doesn’t the funds to pay the award. It sounds like Camille Grammer wants something that he’s simply unable to pay.

Maybe Grammer has been lied to one too many times because she’s not accepting his inability to pay. She’s now going after him personally by asking him to prove to the courts that he really is unable to pay these fees. She wants the courts to look into Charalambopoulos’ claims that he’s broke and she wants him to provide proof that he doesn’t have the money. Maybe Camille Grammer knows something about his financial situation.

But Camille’s ex-boyfriend is fighting back and he doesn’t see a need for the courts to look at his finances, adding that her request is “irrelevant to Plaintiff’s ability to pay the fee award.”

“Grammer respectfully requests that the Court enter an Order overruling Plaintiff’s objections to Grammer’s Request Numbers and ordered Plaintiff to produce documents in accordance with those Requests,” the papers read, according to Radar Online.

While Camille has settled everything with her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, she still has to deal with this legal problem. And their relationship wasn’t always easy, as she accused him of domestic violence after an incident in their Texas hotel room about three years ago. He responded with a lawsuit, accusing Camille Grammer of damaging his reputation, but this lawsuit was thrown out. Her claims were later proven true and now she wants the money she’s owed. But he’s claiming that he doesn’t have the money Grammer wants from him, as he was working a construction job that only gave him an income of $5,000 to $7,000 per month.

As for Camille, she has moved out of her massive home she once shared with Kelsey Grammer and she’s now trying to move on with her life. No word on whether she has started dating again, but her legal troubles with Dimitri may make her more cautious about starting a new relationship.

What do you think of Camille Grammer’s request to get the money she’s owed? Do you think it makes sense that she’s dragging him through court again to get him to pay up?

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