Kim Kardashian Starts New Trend Featuring Fake Nail Piercing

Kim Kardashian may have just initiated a new trend after she shared social media posts of pierced nails though they were fake nail piercings as most critics believe.

Kim Kardashian’s massive celebrity status makes her one of the most influential trendsetters as seen in the past courtesy of her fashion sense. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently uploaded social media posts in which she showed off her long painted nails decorated with rings. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the nails might be fake which makes it easier especially for the females that want to try it out.

Kim Kardashian fake nail piercing

Kim K shows off fake nail piercings on Snapchat

The popular Kardashian sister posted a Snapchat video in which she twisted her hands on numerous angles to show off the piercings. Her nails were decorated with rings which each had a hole drilled into the nails. Her nails also looked quite long and judging by their size it might be difficult to get things done considering their size. Add the rings and it becomes nearly impossible to do anything with them.

“Khloé would be so proud of me right now,” Kim said as she showed off the pierced nails in the Snapchat video.

Is it possible to maintain pierced nails with rings?

While Kim’s nail piercings might look very fashionable, they are certainly not the most comfortable. The rings would easily interfere with the simplest of activities such as eating, typing, or even wearing clothes among others. They would only be ideal for activities such as making appearances in events or even in photo shoots.

Kim Kardashian fake nail piercing

Despite the impractical nature of the pierced nails, it is worth noting that they looked good and very fashion forward. This, of course, means that most of her fans will find the look appealing and will probably try it out. It would not be the first time that a trend emerges because of Kim. However, Kim was not the first person to invent nail piercing. It has been around for a while and especially on social media but she is definitely influential enough to make it fashionable.

Now that Kim recently tried out nail piercing, there is a high chance that it will become more popular. But it certainly raises a lot of questions. How does a person with nail piercings remove the rings from the nails if her fingernails on both hands are pierced? It would not even be possible to text with those things on the fingernails meaning more engaging tasks would be out of the question. Plus it even looks painful and uncomfortable at a glance.

Despite the questionable nature of the fingernail piercings, it is what Kim posted and she practically breaks all the rules when it comes to fashion. Speaking of, the KUWTK reality star seems to be back to work in full swing. She took a long break after her unfortunate robbery in Paris as well as the hospitalization of her husband Kanye West after he suffered a mental breakdown. Kim also took a break from social media but she made a comeback at the start of the year. She has been reportedly recovering from the tough season and is determined to move on with her life.

“I have not heard anything about that to be honest, I think we’re just getting past people getting arrested,” Kim replied to queries about the ongoing investigations regarding the Paris robbery.

It is nice to see that the reality star is back to her usual busy lifestyle. The recent Snapchat video of Kim’s potentially fake pierced nails highlights the fact that she is back to her stylish ways and is eager to make fashion statements.

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