All Eyes Trained On The Trainer! Khloe Kardashian Toned Derriere On Display

When Khloe Kardashian literally turns her back on you these days, what you see is a toned posterior! This follows a battle she has fought and successfully won over her weight issues. And the toned derriere was all on show in a video she did while shooting a product campaign for one of the products she is now endorsing as the reality TV star has recently become the official face of Protein World, a nutrition supplement.

Khloe Kardashian toned derriere on display in a behind-the-scenes video

In a behind-the-scenes video for a campaign that she shared, Khloe can been seen wearing an old-school aerobics bodysuit.The shooting of the behind-the-scenes video began with the reality TV star captured in a white body suit that had a pink ribbon around the waist and leg warmers that were white. She was also wearing dance tights and a hooded sweater that was green. The social media influence could then be seen posing and prancing around the set of the studio.

Khloe Kardashian toned derriere on display
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To give her hair a 'windblown' look, a leaf blower was pointed at the star by a team consisting of Khloe's hairstylist, Jen Atkin and an assistant. The reality star also engaged in one of her favorite physical exercises during the shooting of the exercise video – taking selfies. Since she was in an aerobics suit one can only hope her audience does not think that taking selfies constitutes exercise!

After the selfies, Khloe took off the hoodie and she proceeded to take photos by a full-length mirror that was attached to the wall. As the brand ambassador posed with a bottle containing Protein World's tablets, the photographer crouched low to get a good angle of the model.

Hot in pink

The video shoot was not, however, restricted to the indoors as it soon moved to a poolside. Here Khloe spotted two different looks, one of which was Khloe lounging on the deck wearing a hot pink monokini.

One other trade secret that fans of the reality star got to learn from watching the video was that it takes resources to take a perfectly good picture. To get perfect lighting all over the Khloe Kardashian toned derriere on display, large reflectors were used.

Khloe Kardashian toned derriere on display
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Khloe's final look was one in which she wore a one-piece cut in canary yellow color that had a scoop neckline. Shine spray was then applied on Khloe making her look even sexier in the one-piece bikini that was high on the hips.After the photo shoot, Khloe admitted that she enjoyed the whole process.

"I felt like a total fitness Barbie during this Protein World photo shoot," Khloe wrote on her website after sharing the video online.

Keeping up the with the entrepreneurship spirit

Other than becoming the brand ambassador for Protein World, Khloe now has her own reality show – Revenge Body that airs on the same channel as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.The inspiration for Revenge Body is based on the fact that when the Kardashians first came into the limelight, Khloe was often the butt of jokes because she was chubby. But after splitting from her husband Lamar Odom, the gym became her only solace. It had a transformative effect on her, both physically and mentally. And thus the Khloe Kardashian toned derriere on display.

Having the last laugh

"Growing up, people called me the fat, funny sister. Until one day I started working out, eating right and putting myself first. On Revenge Body, I'll be meeting people who are desperate to change their lives. I'm gonna pair them with my handpicked team of celebrity trainers, nutritionist, and glam experts and when their transformation is complete, they're going to get revenge on one person, someone who has hurt them the most," Khloe said in a promo for the new reality show.

This is not Khloe's first time in a solo effort, though. In 2016 she debuted a show called Kocktails with Khloe. It was however canceled shortly over poor ratings. In the premiere, only 347,000 viewers tuned in. Her new show Revenge Body did significantly better as it managed 630,000 viewers on its first episode.

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