WWE News: WWE Has Surprising Opponent For AJ Styles at ‘Wrestlemania 33’

The likelihood of AJ Styles walking into Wrestlemania 33 with the WWE Championship doesn’t look good, but Styles losing the title will lead to a surprising match that WWE officials are already planting seeds for on SmackDown. The Phenomenal One will be defending the WWE title against John Cena at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday. However, it’s been reported that some major changes are coming for Styles’ title reign on the “Road to Wrestlemania.”

Apparently, AJ Styles won’t lose the WWE title on Sunday to Cena as most people have been expecting him to over the several weeks. Instead, Styles will likely lose the championship during the Elimination Chamber match that was just announced by Shane McMahon for next month’s SmackDown PPV. A recent report is claiming that Bray Wyatt might walk out of the WWE Elimination Chamber event as the WWE Champion.

Even if WWE officials decide on someone other than Bray Wyatt to win the title, the powers that be are not planning for AJ Styles to walk into Wrestlemania 33 as the WWE Champion. One way or another, he will be losing the title before the grandest stage of them all. Many people are questioning what WWE has planned for him if that is the case. Fortunately, there is a huge match planned for AJ Styles that could surprise you.

Shane McMahon Will Face AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 33
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Recently, it was reported that WWE was narrowing down potential opponents for The Phenomenal One at Wrestlemania. The WWE Universe has been pushing hard on social media for AJ Styles to receive a main event spot because they feel he deserves it. It seems that he will be forced to take a backseat during the show, but WWE is planning for AJ Styles to feud with Shane McMahon to culminate at Wrestlemania 33.

In many ways, the rivalry has already begun between them. During this week’s edition of SmackDown and Talking Smack, AJ Styles was vocal about being treated unfairly by the powers that be and by his position in WWE as the WWE World Champion. The biggest example was Shane McMahon not fighting for Styles to be in the front of the poster for the WWE Royal Rumble instead of hidden in the back where he is barely seen.

From AJ’s perspective, why wouldn’t Shane O’Mac want the SmackDown’s WWE Champion to be in front of the poster, especially when John Cena was put there instead of him? Styles complaining to Shane McMahon like that is by design. WWE is laying the groundwork for their feud to begin, and it will escalate dramatically after AJ Styles loses the WWE title in an Elimination Chamber match that was booked by Shane McMahon.

A Lot of People Are Unhappy About McMahon vs Styles Being the Plan
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Unfortunately, many people are upset by the idea of a McMahon vs. Styles feud culminating on the grandest stage of them all. Simply put, much of the WWE Universe believes that The Phenomenal One was the WWE Superstar of the Year last year and he’s much better than having to carry Shane McMahon through a match at Wrestlemania 33. While it may not be a technical masterpiece, McMahon vs. Styles will tell a great story.

AJ Styles being disrespected and unappreciated by Shane McMahon and WWE officials is a legitimate story that the WWE Universal would get involved in because that’s what they believe as well. After all, look at how long it took for WWE officials to sign AJ Styles despite numerous chances to have him in WWE years ago.

The WWE Universe’s admiration for Shane McMahon will be tested. In the long term, this angle could lead to a possible face turn for AJ Styles at some point after Wrestlemania. Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles won’t be the best wrestling match in WWE history, but there is a great story to tell between them that may steal the show after from some of the bigger matches on the card. AJ Styles will have his Wrestlemania moment.

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