Alicia Keys And Gwen Stefani Feuding Over Miley Cyrus On ‘The Voice’ Set, ‘Alicia Is Giving Gwen A Hard Time’ Claims Source

Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys are supposedly not seeing eye to eye and may be caught in a feud as filming for Season 12 of The Voice gets underway amid reports Alicia was hoping to see Miley Cyrus stick around for the upcoming round of shows.

According to a new report by Radar Online, after numerous reports of a whole lot of feud drama between Cyrus and Adam Levine on The Voice set hit the headlines last year, sources are claiming that there’s now a whole new feud brewing ahead of the premiere of Season 12 between Keys and Stefani.

According to the inside source who dished the details on the latest supposed The Voice feud, Alicia and Gwen are allegedly following in Miley and Adam’s feud footsteps as an insider is now claiming that Keys wasn’t too happy when it was announced that Stefani would be replacing Cyrus on Season 12 of The Voice meaning the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer would instead be sitting out the upcoming round and returning for Season 13.

“Because Alicia and Miley got super close last season, Alicia is desperately trying to give Gwen a hard time so she does not return next season,” a source alleged of the supposed feud drama between the two on The Voice set, which Radar Online is alleging has been brewing between Keys and Stefani for years.

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“Alicia and Gwen have never really liked each other,” continued The Voice insider amid the feud allegations, claiming that Keys and Stefani “have been in competition for most of their lives.”

Neither Gwen nor Alicia have officially spoken out about the reports claiming that they’re supposedly locked in a nasty feud over Miley’s departure, though Alicia and Gwen did both shoot to fame around the same time, both finding success with their respective music careers in the early 2000s.

Keys and Cyrus also made no secret of their closeness while Miley was a coach on The Voice last year, as E! News reported back in August that the musicians, who both joined the NBC show as new coaches in 2016, had become fast friends.

“Alicia and Miley seem to have become super close during their time together on the show,” source told E! News of Keys and Cyrus’s blossoming relationship on The Voice set last year, just months before it was announced that Stefani would be reclaiming her chair for the upcoming season and sitting alongside Alicia, Adam, and Blake.

“During some of the performances, Miley and Alicia would look at each other and smile, nod, or grab hands,” added the insider of Alicia Keys’ close friendship with the “Wrecking Ball” singer before NBC announced that Gwen Stefani would be back on The Voice.

But while Stefani and Keys have so far stayed tight-lipped as the feud allegations hit the headlines, if the report is to be believed, Gwen may also have her and Keys’ fellow coaches on her side.

While Stefani’s boyfriend Blake is said to be supporting Gwen amid the reports of on-set drama with Keys, Levine will also more than likely take Gwen’s side amid reports Alicia supposedly isn’t too happy about her replacing Cyrus.

Radar Online reported last year that Adam was supposedly caught in a feud of his own with Cyrus that allegedly grew so bitter on the set that he’s considering not returning to The Voice for Season 13 to avoid being by Miley’s side once again.

According to an insider close to production, Levine was supposedly “thrilled” after NBC announced that Gwen would be back in her red revolving chair and allegedly wasn’t too sad to see Miley go, despite her reported closeness to Alicia.

Gwen Stefani & Adam Levine perfom together at the 2015 Grammy Awards
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“[Adam was] just really glad that Miley is gone and Gwen is coming back,” the source said of Stefani swapping out with Cyrus to re-join The Voice coaching team alongside Levine, Shelton, and Keys. “Adam really cannot stand Miley because he thinks that she is the most obnoxious person ever.”

The Keys and Stefani feud claim also comes amid reports suggesting that Gwen and boyfriend Blake could be ready to quit the show, or at least sit out Season 13, as sources alleged that they too weren’t exactly happy when Miley joined the series last year.

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