Charlotte McKinney Nude: Naked Images From Photographer Tony Kelly’s Book Leak Online, Going Viral Across Social Media

Charlotte McKinney is going viral for some nude pictures that have leaked online, showing the model topless for a popular photography book.

The actress/model is no stranger to showing off some skin. Her modeling has shown some racy images and her social media accounts are filled with skin-baring pictures as well. But Charlotte McKinney had not posed nude in the past.

That appears to have changed, with McKinney’s name trending on Twitter and images leaking allegedly showing her in a book from photographer Tony Kelly. Some censored versions of the nude photos have been trending on Twitter, including one showing the model behind the wheel of a car.

The nude photos leaked as Charlotte McKinney was opening up about her love life — or lack thereof. In a recent interview with E! News, the Baywatch reboot star noted that she’s hit a bump in the road.

“I am so, so single right now,” she said. “It’s so funny. I’m like, even in hair and makeup, I’m like, ‘I am so single, it’s crazy.’ Usually I have some little things here and there.” “Starting this year off, I’ve been really focused on work,” she added. “But I’m really out there. I’m open, I’m here!”McKinney had been in a string of high-profile relationships, dating actor Stephen Dorff and rumors of a romance with Scott Eastwood. But now McKinney said she’s looking for a guy who can make her laugh.

“A lot of people know, for me, my biggest thing is humor,” she said. “A funny guy and that doesn’t take themselves too serious and who doesn’t talk about themselves all day. That’s what I find in L.A.—that every guy…so there’s a lot of guys who just, yeah, just overdo it on themselves.”

Charlotte McKinney Nude: Naked Images From Photographer Tony Kelly's Book Leak Online, Going Viral Across Social Media
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Charlotte McKinney’s nude photos are reported from a book by photographer Tony Kelly called Taken. It’s not entirely clear why these images have gone viral this week, as the book was published last October and gained quite a bit of publicity at the time.

As the book’s Amazon description noted, Kelly’s photography was meant to be a bit provocative.

“Kelly is a master of his craft; each image has a cinematic quality that draws you in and provokes a reaction. He invites you to peel back the veneer and contemplate the subtext of his immaculately polished images. When you are done, you will feel something―humor, shock, or simply a smile on your face. Go ahead and see for yourself!”

Charlotte McKinney had her breakthrough thanks to showing off a bit. Back in 2015, she made a name for herself by appearing in a Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad in which she walked naked through a farmer’s market to promote the fast food chain’s “all natural” burger.

McKinney later told Esquire that it was her social media following that helped her land the role and that she seized the opportunity once it was presented to her.

“Yeah, it was funny because I’ve always seen the commercials and thought, ey, I could do that. That looks fun.’ But it’s such an iconic commercial, with Heidi Klum and Paris Hilton. To me, that was awesome. People talk about it in movies. It was such an honor to get that spot. I wasn’t nervous though. The way I handle tough jobs is to not think about it and try to take it one step at a time. I didn’t even think it was going to be in the Super Bowl. It was just another day at work. That’s what I say to anyone who gets nervous: Just take it as it comes.”

Charlotte McKinney Nude: Naked Images From Photographer Tony Kelly's Book Leak Online, Going Viral Across Social Media
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Charlotte McKinney actually saw nude photos leak online before, though it may not have been intentional. In July 2015 some naked photos appeared online, reportedly the work of a hacker.

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