‘Turn Around, Daddy!’ The Moment Sasha Obama Reminded Her Father To Wave To The Crowd Behind

Sasha Obama looked to help out her father, a certain Barack Obama, during Tuesday night’s re-election victory as the entire family held a tender moment in front of millions of viewers from around the world.

They took to the stage in the families home town of Chicago as thousands of supporters screamed and yelled in appreciation of the President at McCormick Place convention center. But as Barack waved to the public, his youngest daughter nudged him several times before reminding her father to wave to the crowds “behind you!”

As soon as he heard his daughter’s advice, he heeded to it, turned around with his wife and two daughters, and waved to the adoring crowd.

Wednesday saw the Obama’s return to the White House, and Sasha was seen at one point carrying a “I Heart Obama” tote bag whilst walking arm in arm with her dad.


Malia and Sasha, real name Natasha, have grown up in the public eye ever since Obama’s first presidential campaign four years ago. When discussing his offspring recently, Obama recently told People magazine “They’re just good kids-smart, hardworking, kind, and respectful.”

Sasha was also referred to as the “baby” of the family by First Lady Michelle adding, “She’s going through her own transition into young ladyhood. We pretend she’s a baby. Except she’s grown about a foot.”

The Obama ladies’ style has been praised throughout Barack’s tenure in office, and the First Lady’s and First Daughters’ chic and confident attire has been copied the world over by fans of the trio.