Lois Kay Cloud: Yuma Wife Had Rich Hubby, Ken Cloud, Killed For His Millions, On Investigation Discovery’s ‘I, Witness’

Lois Kay Cloud seemed to have it all with her rich farmer husband, Kenneth “Ken” Cloud. But when the marriage soured and Kay was only going to be left with half the money, she had her lover kill him. That’s what you can expect to see on the next I, Witness, Investigation Discovery’s newest true-crime documentary series. A previous Snapped episode was dedicated to the case.

On tonight’s I, Witness, the story will be told from the perspective of Detective Bill Martin and those who the victim left behind. The episode based on the case is titled “The Judas Kiss.”


On Investigation Discovery’s I, Witness, you’ll learn that Kay Cloud married Kenneth Cloud, a rich Yuma farmer and millionaire, 14 years before his death. He was described as a hardworking man with a bit of a temper. Ken Cloud was also very resourceful and good with his money. He was planning to retire and enjoy the rest of his life before the shooting.

Kay Cloud had to know she had it good with Ken. But when problems set in and finances were called into question, it put a damper on the marriage. Of course, the fact that Kay Cloud had taken on a lover didn’t help.

It was December of 1997 when 911 operators received a call that a man had been shot inside his truck located outside a popular Arizona restaurant. When detectives arrived at the scene on 20th Street and 3rd Avenue, they found 55-year-old Ken Cloud slumped in his seat in a pool of blood. The shattered glass window had a huge bullet hole in it, and the victim had apparently been shot. He was later transported to a hospital, where he died. An autopsy report later confirmed that the victim had a gunshot wound to the neck area.

His screaming wife, Lois Kay Cloud, told investigators that someone fired a shot just as they were leaving Burgers and Beer, where they had dinner.

Witnesses say they saw Kay and Bard farmer Ken Cloud leaving the restaurant arm in arm. But no one had seen anyone fire the shots. With no suspects, the investigation always circled back to Lois Kay, who told police that they had been out running errands on that cold and windy night. Ken Cloud’s father was ill and needed medication. The local pharmacy was one of the stops that they had made before deciding to have dinner at Burgers and Beer.

But to police, something didn’t seem right, especially after going over the couple’s financial records. Soon, police learned about Vincent Lee Accardo, a tough con man with a criminal record who had a penchant for women and for breaking the law. Authorities say Kay Cloud fell head over heels for Vincent Lee Accardo, who she was introduced to by a co-worker at the bank.

The final investigation revealed Lois Kay Cloud had hired Vince Lee Accardo to kill Ken Cloud so that she could get her hands on his money. And she didn’t want half — she wanted all of it.

The plan was to take the money and set up a new life for themselves. In the months after her husband’s death, Kay was on her way to making that happen. She actually married Vincent Lee Accardo, according to an entry found at FindAGrave.

For their sinful deed, Lois Kay Cloud was sentenced to life in prison. Vincent Lee Accardo was sentenced to death. According to AZ Central, Vincent died in prison in 2011 from natural causes. Kay Cloud’s appeal was denied.

Watch this week’s I, Witness at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Last week’s I, Witness episode was gripping. It was about the murder of Alex Devon Buckman.

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