#ThankYouTrump Twitter Trend Backfires On Supporters As Donald Trump Approval Ratings Come In At A Record Low

Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a rough start and so is the recent #ThankYouTrump Twitter campaign launched by his supporters on Tuesday night. With 150,000 tweets and still growing at an impressive rate, the highest trending hashtag on Twitter quickly took a sarcastic turn with many who do not support the newly inaugurated president thanking him for all the reasons they do not like him.

It turns out a lot of people do not like Donald Trump too, making the #ThankYouTrump twitter trend an easy one to turn around. Donald Trump’s approval ratings are in and according to Business Insider, the newly inaugurated president has broken a record. However, it’s not a record he would be proud of because President Trump’s first approval rating comes in at just 45 percent.

What is even more telling about how Americans view their current president is the increasing number of people voicing their disapproval of the current POTUS. According to the new Gallup poll reporting the first Donald Trump approval ratings, not only is he breaking records with the lowest approval percentage but he also has managed to score the highest disapproval rating with a matching 45 percent.

How is that related to the #ThankYouTrump trend on Twitter? Well, as Donald Trump supporters attempt to throw a party for the POTUS on social media and bolster his image, all of those disgruntled voters (and non-voters alike) are using the opportunity to voice their concerns about the barrage of executive orders recently signed by Trump in the few days that he has been in office.

There is also the issue of Donald Trump’s Twitter habits and the lack of diplomacy he has been accused of showing. This is nothing new, Quartz reports that the POTUS has been tweeting an average of 12 times per day since opening his account in 2009.

It seems that Trump wants to continue the Twitter trend and keep growing his own social media network too. After becoming the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has already made it clear that he wants to continue tweeting with his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account rather than the one traditionally used by the current president, @POTUS.

Although the @POTUS account has been vacated by Barack Obama, whose presidential tweets are now archived under @POTUS44, Trump has only used the official Twitter handle one time since taking office and that was to thank his family for their support. This is pretty easy to distinguish from the other tweets made by @POTUS because those made personally by Trump are signed with his initials while the others are not.

“THANK YOU to my amazing family for their support since I announced my candidacy on 6/16/2015. -DJT”

Those who follow @POTUS and not @realDonaldTrump are still getting to see some of the things Donald Trump is tweeting on his personal account recently. Within the past day, Donald Trump has been retweeting some of his messages from his personal account with the official one.

It seems like the more Donald Trump tweets, the more ammunition he is giving those who disapprove of his presidency when taking part in the current #ThankYouTrump Twitter campaign. Of course, there are some pro-Trump tweets in the mix but they are definitely in the minority compared to those who have taken aim at the current president in the most sarcastic of ways.

Have you checked out the #ThankYouTrump hashtag or participated in the current Twitter party? Be sure to check out some of the most popular tweets directed toward the current POTUS and tell us what you thanked Donald Trump for in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]