Surface Phone Release Date And Rumors: 3 Reasons Microsoft's Homegrown Flagship Would Be A Hit, 2 Reasons It Won't

Simon Alvarez

The Microsoft Surface Phone is arguably one of the most interesting devices that are yet to make an appearance in the mobile market. Rumored for years, the cryptic device's existence has not even been officially confirmed by the tech giant. Recently, however, a steady stream of rumors and a tease from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself has managed to get numerous tech aficionados excited, as it appears that the Surface Phone is slowly taking shape and getting ready for its highly-anticipated debut.

The release date for the Surface Phone has always been a tough topic to discuss. Being a completely new device from the Redmond-based tech giant, it is quite difficult to speculate when the flagship smartphone would finally be unveiled. While the exact date of the device's reveal remains unknown, speculations are high that the device might see a late 2017 release date, according to a report by the Express. Considering that Microsoft launched the Surface Studio and the Surface Book i7 last October, numerous rumors state that the tech giant might hold a similar event this year for its homegrown flagship smartphone.

With the Surface Phone being Microsoft's most ambitious effort to break through the elusive smartphone market, there are numerous risks that the tech giant appears to be taking in order to increase its chances of releasing a hit device. If rumors prove accurate, the Surface Phone would be a mobile device unlike any other before it. Thus, there are several things that could make the homegrown flagship a hit, and there are some factors that can make it fail. Here is a brief discussion on three reasons the Surface Phone would be a massive success.

Other leaks about the device are very few, though there are some speculations stating that the homegrown flagship would come equipped with some form of Intel's RealSense technology, considering Microsoft's initiatives in its HoloLens and Windows Holographic technologies. These specs are quite unheard of in a flagship mobile phone, and if Microsoft would indeed release a device along these lines, it would end up offering a smartphone that is a category above the best of what industry leaders like Apple and Samsung could offer.

It is no secret that the world of smartphones has been effectively taken over by designs from industry leaders such as Samsung and Apple. In fact, numerous smartphones in the market from innumerable third-party manufacturers simply look like clones of other more popular brands. Microsoft could step away from this trend with the Surface Phone, offering consumers with an attractive alternative option.

Previous leaks about the Surface Phone have already emerged that appear to tease its focus on productivity, with some stating that the upcoming flagship would feature an upgraded version of Continuum, which enables the smartphone to function as a desktop computer when hooked up to an external monitor. If Microsoft does perfect the technology in time for the Surface Phone's launch, it would allow its device to be leagues beyond what Android and iOS can offer in terms of real productivity.

While the Surface Phone could be 2017's runaway hit, there is also a possibility that the flagship device might fail. After all, in terms of mobile devices, history is not really on Microsoft's side, with numerous high-profile failures such as the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. With this in mind, here are a couple of things that might compromise the Surface Phone's success.

Raising the price of the Surface Phone to such an extent would be a massive gamble for Microsoft. After all, the device is, at its core, a largely untested product. Thus, requiring consumers to immediately pay a premium might not be the wisest strategy for the Redmond-based tech giant.

If Microsoft does indeed release the Surface Phone late this year, it might end up compromising the massive impact the device could easily make among consumers. For the Microsoft Surface Phone to reach its full potential as a game-changing device, it would need to enter the market at exactly the right time.

The Surface Phone has a chance to make an impact in the smartphone market. With its powerful specs and possible revolutionary features, it might very well stand out from a sea of otherwise very similar devices. However, in order to pull off a breakout hit, the Redmond tech giant would need to dig deep and be extremely strategic when it comes to the release of its very first homegrown flagship smartphone.