'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Nick Viall Reportedly Got One Woman Pregnant, But She's Not The Winner -- Who Is It?

Nick Viall has reportedly slept his way through the reality TV series world of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and had sex with a number of women across multiple seasons. Along the way, there has been a lot of speculation as to who he has been with and who ended up in his bed. Well, as he looks for true love on his own season of The Bachelor, a new rumor has come up and it is that he has gotten one woman pregnant...and that she isn't the winner he ultimately picks.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and current season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don't want to know them, stop reading now.

As recently report by Inquisitr, Nick has apparently slept with at least seven different women during his time in this reality TV series world. While that may be expected considering the amount of time he has been associated with the shows, the latest bit of speculation takes things a bit further.

According to OK Magazine!, the latest issue of Life & Style magazine has Nick front and center on the cover with a rather shocking headline. It doesn't talk about who he may love or give a rose to, but says, "Nick Is Having A Baby...And It's Not With the Winner."

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Yes, it says that Nick has indeed gotten one woman pregnant and that it was not planned and "the show's producers don't know." Of course, the shock and awe of this story would make any fan of The Bachelor pick up the issue and begin to flip through it or buy it.

Again, if you don't want to know spoilers for the current season of The Bachelor, stop reading right now.

As expected, the inside information is rather vague, and it doesn't even reveal who is reportedly pregnant by Nick. Reality Steve revealed months ago that the winner of this season is Vanessa Grimaldi, and her name is nowhere to be found regarding a pregnancy since they say the winner isn't the one with a baby on the way.

Gossip Cop decided to attack this particular story and said that there is absolutely no truth to a woman being pregnant by Nick Viall at this time. The "insider" giving the information to Life & Style says that Nick picks a "good girl" for the winner of The Bachelor, but that she has no idea that another woman is pregnant with his baby.

Heavy has a quote from the insider in the Life & Style article which states that Vanessa is not happy with Nick already. She apparently is sick of how promiscuous he has been in the past and can't stand the way he lives his life now.
"When the booze is constantly flowing, protection is not usually on people's minds. And while there are always condoms in the house, with all the drinking going on, there's really no remembering if they were actually used … The winner is already not happy about how much of a pig Nick has been. Nick has slept with a good chunk of the contestants but she fell in love with him for other reasons."
Interestingly enough, the article states that even Nick doesn't know a woman is pregnant with his child. So, that says a number of things regarding the validity of this claim that Nick got a woman pregnant. With no one actually knowing about it, how true is it actually?

It's really difficult to believe rumors and speculative stories like this which seem more to want to sell magazines than tell the truth. While there is not a lot of info given forth as to who is pregnant by Nick, it will only be a matter of time until fans of The Bachelor see how much truth is behind all this.

Nick Viall has been looked at as the pitiful runner-up, the hopeless romantic, the man desperate for love, and even the player. It's not really his fault that he kept ending up in second place on The Bachelorette, and because of that, ABC gave him his chance on The Bachelor. Now, considering he is the leading man, rumors and speculation are going to always be around, but there is actually no concrete evidence behind the report that he got a woman on the show pregnant.

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