January 26, 2017
Farrah Abraham News: 'Teen Mom OG' Star Praises Donald Trump, Says 'You're Hired'

Surely, we were all dying to know what a Teen Mom OG star thought about the new presidential administration, and the latest Farrah Abraham news certainly delivered on this unquenchable desire to know precisely what a teen mom is thinking. From the beginning of President Trump's campaign, Farrah Abraham has been extremely supportive of the reality star, and now, she's made an official statement in support of the new President.

According to ComicBook's latest round of Farrah Abraham news, the reality star recently tweeted her support for the new President.As can be expected, her comments about President Trump caused a mixed bag of reactions amongst her followers.This is just the latest gaffe in a long line of gaffes committed by the Teen Mom OG star. In a separate ComicBook report of Farrah Abraham news, Farrah was caught trying to tip the scales of frozen yogurt justice in her favor and failed miserably.

As the video below shows, Farrah was devastated over the recent spate of one-star reviews on Yelp for her shop, FROCO, based in Austin, Texas.

So, she did what any self-respecting business owner would do: she tried to swing the tide in her favor and posted a self-promoting review of both herself and her yogurt shop.

Farrah Abraham news FROCO
Farrah Abraham is in the news because of some shameless self-promotion. [Image by Yelp]

Clearly, the outlet was not amused at Farrah's shameless self-promotion, and pointed out how desperate this all made Farrah look.

"Farrah Abraham probably isn't dismayed by the revelation that she is the only one she can rely on to praise herself, as she makes sure to point out in the 'job opportunities' section of her store's site that employees would be working with a 'top celebrity in the nation,' but fails to mention she's famous for 'getting pregnant at a young age.' However, considering how embarrassing it is to review your own business and multiple outlets have reported about the store, I guess this all counts as free advertising. You're welcome, Farrah!"
But that's a little unfair. After all, as Celeb Buzz's latest Farrah Abraham news demonstrates, she is clearly famous for giving her child outrageous gifts for Christmas, too.

Not long ago, Farrah confirmed that she was planning to be the best mother in the world and indulge her child's every whim, because that's what good parents do, after all.

"On her wish list was a jacuzzi, golf cart, her Apple computer that she wanted, and a miniature horse. So it's been a lot to prep for each gift. As a mom, I checked off all of that and some stuff from her store."
Farrah, of course, was able to do all this in between sexy photo shoots and buying her own engagement ring, so good for her, we suppose.What do you think of this latest round of Farrah Abraham news? Do you agree with her assessment of Donald Trump?

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[Featured Image by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]