‘800 Words’ Season 3 Has Just Been Announced, Shooting To Begin Soon [Spoilers]

Good news came today for those who love the show 800 Words, which is available in the U.S. on Acorn TV, which is streaming its second season. The Seven network released the information today that the Australian-New Zealand comedy/drama has just been renewed for a third season, and all of the main characters will be back. Fans have had their fingers crossed that they will be able to find out how the 800 Words Season 2 cliffhanger will resolve itself. The Season 2 finale has not aired yet in the United States, but trust me, stay tuned, it’s a shocker.

800 Words is the story of a George Turner, widower from Sydney who takes his teenaged kids, and moves to Weld, New Zealand in an attempt to start over and run away from his grief, says the Inquisitr. George headed to Weld because he remembers fond times there as a child, when life was simple, and wants that in his life for himself and his children, Arlo and Shay. But George’s plans get off to a bumpy start as he packs up to move into a house he only saw online.


In the U.S., fans are only midway through Season 2, which shows George Turner and family settling into life in Weld. They have worked out most of their family conflicts and are moving forward, says C21, which announced 800 Words Season 3 today. The production director for 800 Words, Brad Lyons, says that Season 2 drew over 1.5 million viewers nationally throughout Australia.


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Lyons says that Season 3 of 800 Words starts shooting next month and that the Turner family story is just beginning.

“We feel the Turner family’s story is only just beginning. There is so much more in store and we can’t wait to share it with Australia, which has embraced this series with such a charming cast and brilliant production team.”

800 Words is exclusively available in the United States through Acorn TV.


The New Zealand Herald said that George Turner getting fired from his gig as a freelance writer of his 800 Words column was the best thing to happen to the series. Season 2 started with George finding out he has been replaced, and daughter Shay back in Sydney, living with her maternal grandparents, which gives a spark for some creative problem solving. It was just after George turns in a column in honor of Guy Fawkes that he finds out via Skype that he has been “made redundant.”

But lucky for George, there is a job opening for the News of the Weld, and he is a perfect fit to work under an editor-in-chief who will tell him what he can write about, whom he can interview, and what stories need to be avoided, because the paper in owned by Weld’s mayor, Big Mac. Season 2 had a flow of new characters, and some original characters getting a bigger part also.


And 800 Words does have something for almost every audience. For the over 30 audience, George Turner (referred to as a Sex & The City character with a dad bod), and then there is Shay and boyfriend Ike, along with brother Arlo for the teen set. And though it does seem that the available women are a much higher number than the available, normal men, there is still enough flirting to keep the plot moving forward.

Are you watching 800 Words? Are you excited that there will be a Season 3?

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