Why The Women’s March Got It Wrong, And Why They’re Bullying Taylor Swift

The Women’s March in Washington (and the marches across America and the world) got a lot of coverage on the national and international news. Footage of outraged women screaming obscenities while simultaneously pretending they were marching for love would almost be hilarious if it weren’t so troubling.

Why is it troubling? It’s not just another example of Leftist outrage that utterly lacks a sense of irony, it’s also a sign that the Left care more about getting their feelings hurt than they do about democracy, decency, and the rule of law.

Although there were plenty of examples of women (and most depressingly, children) using profanity and even starting fires, it was the celebrities who, of course, hogged the limelight. Most notably, Madonna took to the stage and admitted that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” She later explained that she was “speaking in metaphor.”

Madonna at Women's March

But the ridicule many of the women on the march might have faced is nothing compared to the scorn heaped on other women by these women themselves. The latest victim is Taylor Swift. And what is her crime? The pop princess stands accused of not being outspoken enough. And she has to pay for that, naturally.

That’s right; the Left are starting to eat their own.

Swift did not attend the march, and Amy Zimmerman of the Daily Beast excoriated Swift for her lack of political engagement. In a genuinely frightening article, Zimmerman denigrated Swift’s apparently apolitical persona as ‘no longer acceptable’ and cited her failure to endorse a candidate (one assumes she means Hillary Clinton) as somehow an egregious act.

‘If you’re not overtly on board with the resistance, then you’re tacitly chill with being proclaimed an Aryan goddess….Trying or pretending to be woke, without displaying any sort of political preference or informed opinion, is almost more offensive than saying nothing at all.’

Let that sentence sink in for a bit. It’s not even a veiled threat. Zimmerman is basically saying that if you are not anti-Trump, or even if you want to keep your personal political opinions to yourself, you will be denounced as an ‘Aryan goddess’ and that people will take great offense at your very existence. In short, if you’re not anti-Trump you’re basically a fascist? This is truly frightening stuff.

If Swift feels the pressure to bow down to these Leftist bullies, it would be a sad day.

It’s a pity the energies expressed at the various women’s marches against Donald Trump (a duly elected politician) were not used to demonstrate against actual misogyny in those countries where women truly are second class citizens. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, and others have terrible records when it comes to the treatment of women. Why don’t women march against that? And even more to the point, why did The Clinton Foundation accept money from regimes that legalize marital rape (Qatar), have no divorce rights (Saud Arabia), and where homosexuality is punishable by death?

Women's march in Washington, DC

Women’s March protesters apparently endorse women wearing the hijab?We’re moving into a world where it’s not enough to privately hold an opinion. Apparently now you must, by compulsion or under the threat of shaming, admit your personal political beliefs. And if they’re not in line with the accepted opinions of the Leftist thought police then you’re in trouble. That’s called fascism, and it’s disgusting. The tragedy is that this despicable form of bullying is coming from the Left, and it’s either implicitly or explicitly promoted by Hollywood celebrities with big microphones.

Depressingly, there appears to be little coherent argument coming from the women’s marches. Nor is there any sense of perspective. They don’t like Trump (that is their right, naturally), but in protesting against him, they are essentially protesting against a democratically elected president. You don’t have to like him or his policies, but surely it makes sense to see what policies he enacts first before protesting him? Trump had been in office for ONE DAY. Moreover, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that the American women marching in various cities are the most privileged women in history. They enjoy all the benefits conferred on them by a stable democracy, a high standard of living, and the freedom to express themselves as they wish. If only they’d use these tremendous advantages to help their fellow women around the world achieve the same thing. But wait, protesting someone who says something unpleasant in a private conversation is much more of a human rights violation, right?

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]