Victoria Jackson Flips Out On Christians Over Obama Win

Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson has lost her funny since leaving the show and is now instead flipping out on Christian voters. The anti-Obama actress revealed on Wednesday that Christians disgust her for their inability to show up at the polls.

The SNL actress stated:

“I can’t stop crying. America died.”

She also tried to compare Obama and Romney to good versus evil in a tweet:

“The Democrat Party voted God out and replaced Him with Romans 1. In the Good vs Evil battle…today…Evil won.”

Apparently Twitter wasn’t enough of a battleground as the actress then wrote on her website:

“The God Haters now outweigh the God Lovers. And, there are more Takers than Makers. Evil won the election. I think the red states should secede and create our own country called Original America. The rules of Original America [include] Everyone takes care of their own traditional family, and the church takes care of widows and orphans.”

In “Original America,” Victoria says:

“The Ten Commandments and Prayer are in our public school system and the Bible is a required course.”

Victoria Jackson went from SNL to Tea Party member and in the process appears to have formed an ideology of hate against anyone who does not align with her beliefs.

In the meantime, many Christians have noted on Victoria Jackson’s page that not only did they vote but that they cast their choice for Obama.

Does SNL make fun of their own? If so this would be the perfect opportunity for a sketch about an obviously unhinged woman.