Hillary Clinton’s Next Steps May Include Helping Chelsea Clinton Run For Congress In 2018

While many eyes were on Donald Trump when he gave his Inaugural Address this past Friday, millions more were on Hillary Clinton, to gauge her reaction when watching her fiercest opponent give a speech she was predicted to give. Hillary Clinton, as always, gave no reaction, but for the odd cheerful smile, and watched and attended the Inauguration with the same stoic expression she has become known for. Many eyes are still on Hillary Clinton, as they wonder what her next steps will be, and if those include political inclinations.

Politico reports that since the election, Hillary Clinton has been poring over a forensic analysis of where and how she lost the 2016 Elections, suggesting that she has not given up on political aspirations at all. As the Inquisitr previously reported, when sending her supporters a farewell to 2016 at the end of last year, she told them she would “be in touch” and left her plans for 2017 and onward in the air, as she is prone to do.

For the elections cycle of 2016, millions talked about the Hillary Clinton run for years before it actually happened, and she didn’t formally announce her candidacy for 2016 until just before the primaries in January, 2016. Whether she will run again remains to be seen, but she is definitely not leaving politics anytime soon.

With the Inauguration of America’s forty-fifth president now just another day in history, all eyes are on the next election cycle, which will occur in November 2018 at Trump’s mid-term mark, when elections for Congress and the Senate occur. Speculation that Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton will be running in that election for a Congressional seat in New York began to pick up steam shortly after Hillary Clinton’s loss.

And, the New York Post reported shortly after that loss that coincidental events began happening in Chappaqua, New York, Hillary Clinton’s hometown, that could help Chelsea Clinton run for Congress. In the meantime, however, Hillary Clinton is working through a series of “private meetings and phone calls” in her Chappaqua home, and also in Washington, to begin sorting out what happened to her campaign in 2016.

Politico reports that once she has gone through this forensic analysis, she will provide a report “mapping out some of her next political steps” and that is expected to occur with a spring timeline. It is not expected, according to Politico, that Hillary Clinton is entering a partisan arena again, but instead wants to work more on things like writing or working on specific policy initiatives.

However, with Hillary Clinton, anything concrete remains to be seen, and all of her plans and moves have historically been strategically aligned with the times. Anything can happen in the political arena between now and then, that would have a direct impact on Hillary Clinton’s next move.

Politico reports that among Hillary Clinton’s next steps are focusing on the younger leaders of the party, to help them rise in the Democratic Party. She also wants to help see that the Democratic National Committee is reconstructed more effectively. In the meantime, however, she is undergoing a very thorough analysis of her campaign, which is reportedly a step she is taking to give some assurance to her investors. A source close to Hillary Clinton says,

“She understands that a forensic exam of the campaign is necessary, not only for her, but for the party and other elected, and for the investors in her campaign. People want to know that their investment was treated with respect, but that their mistakes wouldn’t be repeated.”

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President Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff and childhood friend, Mack McLarty, says the following.

“Many Democratic politicians have been personally influenced or share direct ties to President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, or both. That history goes back decades. And, despite the grave disappointment, resilience is in the Clinton’s DNA. So, while I certainly don’t expect to see them trying to assert their authority, I think there will be natural and welcome opportunities for them to engage.”

Politico reports that “party leaders and friends alike” expect the Clintons, and specifically Hillary Clinton, to get back into the game “in some form” come the 2018 midterms. Many of Hillary’s most prominent supporters are expected to call on her for help come 2017 gubernatorial elections, and 2018 midterm Congressional elections.

Those include Senator Bill Nelson of Miami, Mayor Levine of Orlando, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, and New Jersey governor hopeful Phil Murphy, according to Politico. Mr. McLarty also said that if there were someone that the Clintons personally knew that was running for something, it would be “out of character” for them not to support them.

Focusing on the young leadership in the party, as well as current politicians that are friends of the Clintons appears to be where the Clintons will be directing their support in the coming months. The New York Post reported just after the election, one of those young leaders in the Democratic Party may well be their own daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

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Chelsea Clinton is reportedly “being groomed” for the seat that is currently held by Democrat Rep. Nita Lowey, of New York City’s Seventeenth Congressional District. Rep. Nita Lowey was the first speaker to support Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president at the Democratic National Convention.

She is, like Secretary Clinton, a career politician with over 30 years in office and at 79-years-old may be considering retiring soon. If she does, the New YorkPost says they have exclusively learned that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for her seat.

New York City’s 17th District includes Westchester County and Rockland County, and also, coincidentally, the Chappaqua county that is home to President Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Chelsea Clinton would have to be a resident of the county to qualify for New York City’s 17th District. And, it seems that isn’t going to be a problem for her either.

Chelsea Clinton is already a resident of New York City. Moreover, Hillary Clinton and President Clinton reportedly purchased a home in August, 2016, that is next door to their own home in Chappaqua for reportedly $1.16 million dollars. It is reportedly intended for Chelsea Clinton and her family.

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The four-story home pictured above is where President Clinton and Hillary Clinton live now and have since 1999. It was a home they purchased in 1999 to qualify Hillary Clinton for the New York Senate. A source told the New York Post the following.

“While it is true the Clintons need some time to regroup after Hillary’s crushing loss, they will not give up. Chelsea would be the next extension of the Clinton brand. In the past few years, she has taken a very visible role in the Clinton Foundation and on the campaign trail. While politics isn’t the life Hillary wanted for Chelsea, she chose to go on the campaign trail for her mother and has turned out to be very poised, articulate, and comfortable with the visibility.”

Rep. Nita Lowey is currently serving her fourteenth Congressional term, an office she has reportedly held since 1988. Neither Chelsea Clinton nor Nita Lowey are commenting on the future of New York City’s 17th District at this time.

However, the state of the Democratic Party is definitely something on every Democrat’s mind right now, as they eagerly anticipate Hillary Clinton’s spring timeline of her next steps, that may include Chelsea Clinton’s. David Brock, a lead Democratic organizer, has been working on how to lift up the Democratic Party and is hosting seminars such as “What the Hell Just Happened,” reports the New York Times.

Brock recently gathered approximately 150 fundraisers and Democratic Party members together for a three-day conference to discuss exactly that, what just happened to the party. TheNew York Times reports the party worked on the challenges they are facing, and are working on how to fight back against the new Tea Party regime.

A top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, Susie Tompkins Bell, says the party is energized to fight back in a way that has never before been seen. She says,

“There’s a real urgent energy. This is bigger than women’s rights, this is bigger than human rights, this is bigger than the environment. This is the future of the entire world.”

TheNew York Times reports that many other Democratic groups are doing the same, including the Center for American Progress, and Priorities USA, which is a Super PAC that has supported the Democratic candidates in the last two elections. The Democracy Alliance is also working towards initiatives to energize the party.

Young blood, like Chelsea Clinton, and other young Democratic leaders, may be just what the party needs. Whether or not there will be a Clinton name on the ticket remains to be seen. Hillary Clinton’s spring timeline of what is next for her will undoubtedly be highly anticipated by not only her supporters, but also key figures in the Democratic party, and those running for 2018 mid-term Congressional and Senate seats.

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