Lala Kent Boyfriend: Appearance In Canada Gives ‘Pump Rules’ Star A Break From Drama

Lala Kent has been dealing with plenty of drama in Los Angeles as many of her former Vanderpump Rules co-stars have been hassling her about supposedly dating a married man. For a while, Kent had been keeping her boyfriend a secret, and there had been rumors that he was a famous athlete, which was why she hadn’t said anything. And this could explain why a non-disclosure agreement was brought up in a random discussion as he doesn’t want to be associated with reality television or Vanderpump Rules. Even though Lala announced her exit from the show a few weeks ago, it sounds like she’s still being hassled with these rumors.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now revealing that she went to Canada for the weekend for an appearance, and it sounds like she had a blast. And it sounds like people are excited to see Lala in Canada, as she can escape some of the drama in Los Angeles. Lala and her friend, James Kennedy, traveled to Canada for a club appearance and based on James’ Twitter posts, it looked like they had a blast.

“Canada, thank you for having me! I loved being with you. LA, I missed you so bad. Home sweet home. #GiveThemLala,” Lala Kent tweeted this week after being up north over the weekend to party at a club with James Kennedy in Calgary, Alberta.

Maybe she had fun because no one really hassled her about her relationship. Lala Kent hasn’t really given an update on her situation, so no one really knows whether she’s still dating the athlete or if she’s now a single woman. Kent supposedly left the show because she didn’t think that she was getting the respect from her co-stars that she deserved, and she was tired of being bullied by her fellow cast members.

It’s no secret that Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute have been very vocal about their dislike for Lala. And even Jax Taylor has tried to slam her on social media, calling her everything from fake to desperate. While some people think that Kent is indeed to blame for the backlash as she has said some controversial things, others feel that Kristen, Stassi, and Katie are the mean girls of the season, and they are just out to destroy her. But it sounds like this won’t be Lala Kent’s last trip to Canada, at least if you ask her fans in the north.

“Isn’t that where you wanted to stay since Trump is president?” one person replied to Lala Kent after her trip to Canada, while another person added, “We’re a massive country and very diverse so don’t think if you’ve seen one part you’ve seen it all! Newfoundland is truly unique!”

“Canada needs more Lala! Come back in summer for Stampede and go to Banff, Kelowna & Vancouver too!,” one person wrote after learning that Lala Kent had been in Canada, while another person was happy about Kent being in Canada, writing back to her, “What part of Canada did you visit? Hope you loved our Country as much as I do XO.”

While Kent didn’t reply to any of her Canadian fans, it sounds like it was quite refreshing for her to not deal with the boyfriend drama. But it is possible that she did have to face some drama as Jax recently revealed that the drama continues even when the Bravo producers have left Los Angeles. Maybe he was referring to Kent.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s trip up north? Do you think she will be back in the north and possibly with her boyfriend?

[Featured Image by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for De Re Gallery]