‘Top Gun’ Sequel Stalls After Death Of Director Tony Scott

A Top Gun sequel has reportedly run into a roadblock after the suicide of director-producer Tony Scott, leading some to believe that the movie is doomed.

Tony Scott had been working on the Top Gun sequel, which would follow up on the 1986 blockbuster starring Tom Cruise. News about Top Gun 2 had been hitting the web slowly in the last few months, Slash Film noted, giving the indication that it was on track to being made.

Without Scott at the helm, it appears Paramount has shifted gears and is looking at converting the movie the 3D rather than release a Top Gun sequel. This may just mean that the movie studio is trying to prime audiences for the impending sequel while it determines how to proceed without Scott, Slash Film noted.

This 3D conversion of Top Gun is already completed, the New York Times noted, but Paramount is still struggling with how to release it. The death of Tony Scott has added sensitivity to the situation, and the movie studio doesn’t want to seem insensitive in re-releasing Top Gun.

So while the Top Gun sequel waits, audiences will probably get to see the original released in 3D sometime in early 2013. It could also be released in China, where a release of Titanic did big business last year, Slash Film noted.

A strong release of Top Gun 3D could help push the Top Gun sequel along, film insiders believe. The momentum of a strong release would likely push Paramount along to find a new director and green light the film. The concern on the other side, however, is that if momentum stalls, the Top Gun sequel could be doomed.