Did Sasha And Malia Write Barron Trump A Farewell Letter? If So, What Would It Say?

If Sasha and Malia Obama wrote Barron Trump a farewell letter, it’s being kept on the down low. If the former First Daughters wrote the new First Son a goodbye note, what would Malia and Sasha say?

Sasha Obama and Malia Obama are just days removed from the White House. For the last eight years, Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home — just like other presidential children have.

On two occasions, Sasha and Malia received letters from George W. Bush’s daughters. Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager first met the Obama daughters when they arrived in Washington during their father’s first term. Then, they marveled at the girls who beamed at their new residence, just as they did when their grandfather entered the majestic home, followed by their father eight years later, citing a CNN report.

Before Sasha and Malia Obama’s departure and Barron Trump’s arrival, Jenna and Barbara penned a farewell letter to the sisters, as the Inquisitr previously wrote. They recalled their first meeting and how they’ve watched the girls blossom into mature teenagers — ready to embark on their next chapter in life.

They applauded Malia and Sasha for remaining together and strong through the rigors political life has to offer.

“Now you are about to join another rarified club, one of former First Children — a position you didn’t seek and one with no guidelines. But you have so much to look forward to. You will be writing the story of your lives, beyond the shadow of your famous parents, yet you will always carry with you the experiences of the past eight years.”

George and Laura Bush’s daughters bid the Obama sisters farewell and with the promise that they and the world will be “rooting for them.” Malia must have gotten the memo: The day after she and her family ended their term, news broke that Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, hired the elder Obama daughter.

The burning question is this: Did Malia Obama and Sasha Obama follow in their predecessors’ footsteps and pen Barron a farewell letter? Presidents have taken part in the tradition: Obama wrote Trump and Bush penned the 44th POTUS a letter on the day of his inauguration in 2009. There are no reports that the girls kept things in motion, but what would the letter contain?

My best guess is that Sasha and Malia would have modeled the letter behind the two they received as parting gestures. Like the Bush daughters, they would write how exciting his journey is going to be and where some of the best places to hide are in the sprawling compound. Sasha and Malia would probably advise Barron to get to know the staff members who will sneak goodies to him when mom and pop are busy with their respective duties. The letter from Sasha and Malia to Barron Trump would talk about how he will probably feel lonely at times when his parents are preoccupied with the problems of the world that are sure to happen.

Sasha Obama and Malia Obama know how the world can be toxic and downright unfriendly on occasion. They know firsthand how their father was the constant target of criticism from the right and left, from liberals to radicals and from rich to poor. The farewell letter to Barron would likely warn the 10-year-old that, despite the rancor at times, there are times when only he will hear rhapsodic hymns, the music of childhood.

Finally, Malia and Obama’s letter to First Son Barron Trump would likely encourage him to smile with unflappable strength in the tough days ahead and advise him to embrace the moment in history that is priceless and boundless in what the future offers. Like the Bush daughters, Sasha and Malia will likely be rooting for Barron.

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