‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers For Episode 5: Nick Viall Faces A Two-On-One Date, A Haunted Plantation, And New Orleans Street Dancing

Nick Viall and his remaining ladies are edging closer and closer to the final rose ceremony on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season and fans are anxious for spoilers. There are dates in New Orleans, Louisiana on the way and there will be no shortage of drama from the sounds of things. What can everybody expect from Episode 5 set to air on Monday, January 30?

The last that viewers saw as Episode 4 ended, things were getting tense between Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan. Once again, fans were left hanging regarding the eliminations, but gossip guru Reality Steve has broken down the Bachelor spoilers for Season 21. He notes that Sarah Vendal and Astrid Loch will be heading home next and tensions will seemingly be running pretty high after some of the cocktail party and rose ceremony drama.

According to the Bachelor spoilers from TV Guide, Nick Viall and his remaining 13 bachelorettes will head off to New Orleans and there will be one individual date, a group date, and a juicy two-on-one outing. Reality Steve’s teasers detail that Rachel Lindsay gets the one-on-one, and she will join Viall for a fun date soaking in the best of New Orleans. They reportedly do some street dancing, spend some time at a bar watching a singer perform, and Rachel gets the rose.

'The Bachelor' 2017 season features Nick Viall

The group date takes 10 ladies to a haunted plantation mansion with Nick and they have dinner there and tell ghost stories. The ladies are challenged to stay there overnight and Bachelor spoilers note that Danielle Maltby will score the group date rose from Viall. As for the two-on-one, it should come as little surprise that Taylor and Corinne get tapped for this one and Reality Steve’s teasers detail that this will be an intense outing.

Nick, Corinne, and Taylor will head out to a bayou where Bachelor spoilers reveal that they will encounter some voodoo worshippers and spend some time navigating a swamp. There is little doubt that things will be a bit awkward on this outing, and Olympios apparently confronts Nolan about being talked down to so much. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see how it all plays out, and Episode 5 may well end right around this point, but Reality Steve details that Viall will end up eliminating Taylor and keeping Corinne.

Nick Viall heads to New Orleans in Episode 5 of 'The Bachelor'

Taylor may get eliminated on this two-on-one, but she reportedly confronts Nick later on about his decision to keep Olympios over her. This doesn’t change anything about her elimination, but it should make for some good drama. This may well be carried over into Episode 6, but Bachelor spoilers note that the cocktail party will be canceled after all of this and viewers will see Alexis Waters, Josephine Tutman, and Jaimi King eliminated next.

Corinne has certainly generated quite a bit of buzz this season and Bachelor spoilers tease that there is quite a bit to come yet with Olympios. Viall is said to be happy with how things played out along the way to choosing his final rose recipient, but there are rumors swirling that the relationship may be pretty rocky at the moment.

Will there be a happy ending for Nick and his chosen lady in Season 21 or will all of this chaos lead to a shocking and disappointing ending when the finale airs this spring? ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season continues with Nick Viall and his ladies heading to New Orleans in Episode 5 and fans are quite anxious to see where things head next.

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