‘Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers Tease Trouble Between Nick Viall And His Final Rose Pick

Viewers are buzzing over ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season with Nick Viall, and some frontrunners are beginning to emerge. This is Nick’s fourth outing with the franchise, and he insists that he is anxious to find his future wife. Has he found love, and is he headed toward tying the knot in the near future? Gossip guru Reality Steve’s spoilers are hinting that things may not be going all that well for this lead and his final rose recipient, and fans are anxious to know more. Is Nick still engaged to his pick?

Filming of Season 21 wrapped up in November, and shortly after filming ended, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers reported that Nick got engaged to his pick. The gossip guru has consistently indicated since then that the two remain together at this point. However, he has also shared that the two are reportedly struggling a bit.

Will Nick and his lady split before the finale airs? It’s extremely rare for that to happen in this franchise, although there have been multiple cases where the duo faced significant struggles heading into the “After the Final Rose” special and then split a short time later. According to Reality Steve’s latest teasers, this may end up being the case for Viall and his fiancee as well.

Nick Viall stars as 'The Bachelor' 2017 lead
What are the latest rumors regarding the Season 21 final rose? [Image by KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed that according to what he is hearing, Nick and his fiancee are still engaged, but they are not having the easiest time of it. While these are all rumors at this point, the buzz is that his final rose recipient is resistant to moving away from where she currently lives, and he is definitely not looking to move away from Los Angeles, where he now lives.

Adding to the rumors are allegations that the winner is unhappy with what she’s now seeing from her fiance. According to a new report from inTouch, part of the couple’s relationship issues stem from how things are playing out on-screen as the season airs. It seems that the Bachelor winner is feeling betrayed as she watches behavior from Nick that she feels is inappropriate. She’s allegedly coming to believe that he’s a fraud in terms of his sincerity in looking for love.

Despite these rumored issues, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that Viall and his pick will likely still be together at the “After the Final Rose” special since that has become the expectation. However, at least at this point, he feels certain that the relationship will not last long. Reality Steve adds that he is confident that this relationship will not progress to a wedding.

While Viall has publicly indicated that he found love and is looking forward to the future, rumors suggest otherwise. Life & Style recently teased Bachelor spoilers that Nick had quickly started texting Amanda Stanton as soon as news of her split from Josh Murray broke. While those are just rumors at this point and any texts may have simply been friendly, it’s not a stretch to think that texting someone he indicated an interest in while in paradise last summer could cause problems with his fiancee.

'Bachelor' Nick Viall hints that he's found his Ms. Right this season
Are wedding bells ahead for ‘Bachelor’ Nick and his chosen lady? [Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]

InTouch shared Bachelor spoilers confirming that Nick gets engaged, and they share that he has noted his lady is someone beautiful who pushes him to be better and really makes him think. That description certainly aligns with the bachelorette who reportedly snags that final rose, but at least two other ladies in Viall’s final four also would seem to be a fit with that description. In any case, it does appear that viewers can count on seeing a happy ending for Season 21, at least initially.

As for whether Nick and his pick will still be happy and making plans for the future by the time the “ATFR” airs, it will be a while yet before fans get to see whether Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers are accurate. There is quite a while to go yet before this journey reaches its conclusion, and there is little doubt that additional rumors will emerge before the couple gets to go public.

Do you think that there’s trouble brewing for Nick Viall and his final rose recipient? Will viewers of ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season see the spoilers turn out to be correct, or could there be a shocker on the way?

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