‘The Bachelor’ Villain Corinne Olympios Spotted Wearing An Engagement Ring, Could She Actually Win?

Did Nick Viall ask Corinne Olympios to marry him? The Bachelor contestant was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring over the weekend. Does this mean Olympios took home Viall’s final rose?

Refinery 29 is reporting that Olympios worked hard to become this season’s biggest villain. From sleeping at work to going topless and admitting that she still has a nanny, it didn’t take long before Olympios was despised by Bachelor Nation. She might be the villain, but she also knows how to play the game.

Could the engagement ring photo be Olympios’ way of garnering more attention?

It’s too early to tell how far Olympios will get this season. According to People, former Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi revealed that Olympios will make it to the hometown dates. “I realized this last night, she’s going to get a hometown,” Caridi shared on social media. “They would not introduce Raquel and make her such a big part of this if we weren’t going to meet her. That’s my theory. We are going to meet Raquel.”

“They would not introduce Raquel and make her such a big part of this if we weren’t going to meet her. That’s my theory. We are going to meet Raquel.”

On the latest episode, Olympios took Viall aside and sprayed some whipped cream on her boobs. She then straddled the leading man in a bounce house while wearing a bikini. For Viall, he doesn’t mind a woman who takes charge.

“I like an aggressive woman, but at the same time, I have to manage certain things. I love a woman who takes initiative, but that can rub the other women the wrong way,” Viall explained. “It’s definitely a juggling act.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Olympios makes it to the hometown dates. In the meantime, People is reporting that Olympios and her fellow contestants will meet Viall’s family in the coming episode.

ABC released a sneak peek for the coming installment of The Bachelor and it looks like ladies are in for a barnyard experience. All but one of the contestants seem eager to please Viall while shoveling cow manure.

“Where is Corinne?” Viall is shown asking the group.

Olympios apparently felt like it was a good time to grab a bite to eat. “I need sushi,” she later told the camera.

Despite Olympios’ behavior over the first couple episodes, Viall has come to her defence. In the latest trailer, however, Viall admits that he’s had enough of her antics. “My blood’s boiling right now,” he shared.

Things aren’t looking good for Olympios, especially if she doesn’t start turning things around. Whether or not her latest actions are enough for Viall to give her the boot is yet to be seen. If Caridi is right, then fans can expect Olympios to be around for a lot longer.

While Olympios has worked hard to earn her villain status this season, her mother doesn’t agree with how her daughter has been portrayed. TMZ is reporting that Olympios’ mom, Peri, thinks producers are helping Olympios shape her bad girl image. Peri claims that a lot of the stunts Olympios has pulled this season originated with the show’s producers, who needed a villain.

Peri also slammed fans for harassing her daughter online and constantly calling her cell phone. Some fans apparently discovered Olympios’ phone number and haven’t let up trying to contact her. Producers have yet to respond to Peri’s claims.

Olympios time on The Bachelor is shaping up to be one of the most controversial yet. Given how Viall was viewed as a villain during his multiple runs on The Bachelorette, there’s a chance that he’ll look past her antics. Whether or not he pops the big question is another matter.

New episodes of The Bachelor air Monday nights on ABC.

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