Scheana Shay Talks Conflicts On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ And Admits To Jealousy Among Friends

Scheana Shay has been a hot-button topic for several months now in the reality television world. News of her separation from Mike Shay last fall wasn’t shocking to fans, but the fact that she was going to allow it to play out on Vanderpump Rules was. Back in December, the couple filed for divorce, and they are currently waiting for it to be finalized. The details are scarce, but it is rumored that a lot of the issues and incidents will be shown on the reality show where the couple starred.

Aside from the divorce, Scheana Shay has been having issues with her group of friends. Things have been tense for the Vanderpump Rules star with all of her co-stars, but especially with Katie Maloney. The show has focused on the girls fighting and accusing each other of various friendship crimes. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Scheana Shay has talked about the conflicts in her friendships during Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules. She admitted that among her group of friends, not everyone is always supportive of the other girls if they get an opportunity. A little bit of jealousy is definitely a problem among this core group of friends.

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The mean girl personification is something fans expect from the cast of Vanderpump Rules. In fact, when Scheana Shay was brought into the mix, she was not immediately liked. She had an affair with Eddie Cibrian while he was married to Brandi Glanville. This has plagued her existence at SUR, even hurting her ability to work the fancy parties hosted by Lisa Vanderpump. While Scheana swears that she had no idea Cibrian was married, she is still a constant reminder for Glanville that her husband cheated on her. After a long battle of proving herself, she was allowed into the clique that now runs the show.

Ariana Madix was brought onto Vanderpump Rules by Scheana Shay. The two were close and remained that way for a while until Lala Kent came into the picture. This has started a whole new level of drama among the SUR servers, putting Shay and Madix on separate sides. Things are better between the two since filming ended and the rest of the season is rumored to show a reconciliation. Madix and Tom Sandoval appeared on Watch What Happens Live last Monday, and she confirmed that she knows a lot about Shay’s life. A viewer asked whether or not Ariana knew about Scheana’s new man, and while she didn’t exactly confirm, she did acknowledge she knew a lot about her friend.

There has been plenty of talk and promises of more to come for Scheana and Mike Shay. Currently, Vanderpump Rules is leading up to the wedding of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. After all of that fun ends, things between the Shays will begin to go downhill. Right now, the ladies are all in the height of hating Lala Kent and airing her married boyfriend drama, but all of that is going to be coming to a screeching halt when she quits SUR.

Scheana has not commented much about her divorce or the relationships with the other ladies. She continually tells fans to tune into Vanderpump Rules to watch how it all plays out. Rumors circulated that a few of the girls didn’t reach out to Scheana during this dark time with Mike, but it appears that Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval may have been there. Fans are waiting to find out what exactly went down between Scheana and Mike Shay and where these mean girls end up with one another once Lala Kent removes herself from the picture.

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