‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Corrine’s Villain Act Faked For TV, Says Mother

Bachelor 2017 spoilers have been piling up. Season 21 star Nick Viall is currently dealing with a lot of rumors about his love life, but the contestants who competed for his heart have also been under fire. One of the women, Corrine Olympios, has been the subject of many online haters. Now, Corrine’s mother is speaking out about her daughter’s bad reality TV reputation.

Warning: Bachelor 2017 spoilers are below!

According to TMZ, Corrine Olympios’ role as the Season 21 villain on The Bachelor may not be as authentic as it appears. While fans have watched Corrine stop at nothing to win over Nick Viall’s heart during the 2017 season, Corrine’s mother, Peri, says that the bad girl act was played up for the show. Peri claims that her daughter was pushed to be the villain of the season and that many of her antics were encouraged or orchestrated by producers, including her now-infamous whip cream bikini act. Peri also goes on to say that some of Corrine’s haters have gone as far as to dig up her phone number, and she’s not going to let that slide.

The Bachelor Season 21 spoilers: Nick Viall and Corrine Olympios.

Meanwhile, while the Bachelor star’s parents may not approve of their daughter getting a bad rap, they are fine with her interesting tactics to win Nick Viall’s heart and attention. Corrine has been seen over the past few weeks dressing provocatively, getting naked, and stealing Nick away from other contestants in order to have all his attention on her. Corrine has admitted that she doesn’t feel bad about her plays on Nick and that she’ll stop at nothing to end up with him in the long run.

Fans have been questioning Corrine’s motives and the details of her life. The Bachelor contestant revealed on last week’s episode that she has a nanny that lives with her and takes care of her. Corrine admitted that her nanny does everything for her, including cooking her meals, washing her clothes, and making her bed. The other women in the house were completely shocked by the news that the 24-year-old has a woman taking care of all of her needs. Corrine rubbed all of the women the wrong way, and they have finally started to express their concern about her to Nick, who seems to love that Corrine is so obsessed with spending time with him.

The Bachelor Season 21 spoilers: Nick Viall and Corrine Olympios.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reality Steve has reported that Corrine Olympios will be sticking around for quite awhile. The website reveals that Corrine does make it to the final four during The Bachelor Season 21, but she is the first one of eliminated of the four women. From what fans have already seen from Corrine, it seems safe to say she’ll take the elimination pretty hard and will likely have a lot to say in the Women Tell All special.

As for the other three women who make Nick Viall’s final four, the site claims that Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa will be the last three standing, with Raven and Vanessa becoming the final two contestants. Nick will likely struggle with his decision, but Vanessa Grimaldi is rumored to be the woman Nick chooses to propose to. The couple are allegedly engaged as of this writing, but rumors are flying that there could be more drama on the horizon. Most recently, pregnancy buzz has been floating around as well as speculation about Nick’s poor behavior while filming Season 21.

What are your thoughts on the latest The Bachelor 2017 news? Do you think Corrine’s villain act was faked for the show?

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