Barron Trump Autistic And School Comments Go Viral: First Son Now Attacked By ‘SNL’ Writer

Barron Trump autistic and school shooting comments have now both gone viral. Sadly, 10-year-old Barron Trump has been watched very closely since Rosie O’Donnell made a comment about him appearing to be autistic. Although the comment enraged millions of people, it seems to have stuck in the minds of many and obviously, not everyone respects the new First Family.

Some feel that Rosie O’Donnell may have opened the door to attacking the child, who some believe may really be suffering from the mental condition. And while it is customary to poke fun at the president of the United States and those that he chooses to be a part of his cabinet, there are many people in the world that believe that children are strictly off-limits. No matter what.

Barron Trump is now bringing that issue to the forefront.

Barron and Donald Trump

The Barron Trump autistic comment was followed by a tweet that he’d become a school shooter. After seeing Barron at his father’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., on January 20, people couldn’t help but wonder about the young boy and many wanted to learn about him — the country’s first son since JFK was president.

And, of course, there had to be one person who took things too far. An SNL writer decided to take aim at Barron Trump, making a comment that quickly went viral.

According to the New York Post, writer Katie Rich has come under fire for tweeting something inappropriate about Barron. Although Rich has since deleted the tweet that offended so many people, her message hasn’t been forgotten — and many people are hoping that she will be fired from SNL.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter,” Rich tweeted. Perhaps banking on the idea that Barron might be autistic and the fact that he doesn’t attend public school, Rich evidently thought that her joke was appropriate — fitting, even. And while many think that it was in poor taste, Katie Rich has not issued a public apology of any kind. Instead, the SNL writer — who has been on the job since 2013 — made her Twitter account private.

The Trump family

Whether or not Barron Trump is autistic, suggesting that he’d be the country’s “first homeschool shooter” was deemed wildly inappropriate by millions of people. Not surprisingly, the Twitterverse has been up in arms over Katie Rich’s comments. Many are calling for Rich to be fired and for a boycott of SNL. Check out some of the response tweets below.

Following the Barron Trump autistic/school shooter comments, many are standing up for him. Meanwhile. he will be continuing life as he knows it for the next few months. His mom, Melania Trump, will keep him in private school in New York for the remainder of the school year, making sure that he’s able to stay focused and remain on the same schedule that he’s had since September. It is presumed that Melania and Barron Trump will move into the White House sometime over the summer. Many hope that Barron will be able to make a seamless transition as First Son and that people all over the world respect him and realize that, no matter what, he’s just a child.

Do you think that Katie Rich should be fired by SNL for her comments about Barron Trump? Do you think that people should leave Barron Trump alone? Sound off in the comments section below.

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