Kenya Moore Calls Out Phaedra Parks For Lying About Porsha Williams, Maintains Sheree Whitfield Was Abused

The latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode showed Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams in a very heated argument with one another as the other housewives nervously looked on. Thankfully, there was no repeat of violence as Porsha walked away from the situation instead of putting her hands on Kenya. The tension between the two women began after Kenya announced that Phaedra Parks told her that Porsha wanted to tell everyone about her anger management classes, a topic that clearly caught Porsha off-guard. Phaedra, Porsha’s good friend, actually denied saying that to Kenya when pressed on the matter. Unfortunately for Phaedra, viewers saw a video clip that clearly shows Phaedra telling Kenya such a thing.

As the episode aired on Sunday night, Kenya, via Twitter, called out Phaedra for lying. Kenya also lashed out at Sheree Whitfield, whom viewers saw criticize her for provoking Porsha after Porsha angrily left the group. On Twitter, Kenya maintained that Sheree tried to blame her for the violent actions of her ex, Matt Jordan. Kenya, who in the episode shot back to Sheree that at least Matt has never hit her, stood by her claim that Sheree was once physically abused while in a relationship and so shouldn’t have tried to put the blame for Matt’s actions on her.

Kenya tweeted that now everyone has seen how Phaedra told her that Porsha wanted to tell everyone about how she’s taking anger management classes. In regards to Phaedra backtracking, Kenya gave her opinion that Phaedra became defensive at that moment in order to protect her friendship with Porsha. Kenya made sure to include Phaedra’s Twitter handle in her tweet so that she would see it.

Despite Phaedra not backing Kenya up in order to protect her friendship with Porsha, it seems that Kenya and Phaedra are still friendly with one another. As the episode aired, Kenya thanked Phaedra for inviting her to take part in her inaugural Camp Impact to benefit children affected by the Flint, MI water crises. Kenya pointedly thanked Phaedra for allowing their friendship to have a new start.

While Kenya apparently still has good feelings towards Phaedra, the same can’t be said for Sheree. Kenya posted a lengthy post to her Instagram page in which she accused Sheree of trying to blame her for Matt’s violent actions. Kenya wrote that Sheree, who has been physically abused before, should have known better than to do such a thing. Kenya also pointed out that Sheree herself isn’t innocent when it comes to violent tendencies by reminding everyone that Sheree once pulled former co-star Kim Zolciak’s wig and has pointed fingers in people’s faces.

On the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Phaedra Parks gathered all of the women together to invite them on a glamping trip. Kenya Moore, referencing the three times that Porsha Williams has been filmed putting her hands on others in anger, including Kenya herself during a previous reunion show, said that she wasn’t comfortable going on the trip with Porsha until her anger problem was resolved.

“Sometimes on trips things happen. I don’t feel comfortable going on a trip with somebody who does not have those issues resolved.”

Kenya continued talking about Porsha’s supposed anger issues, revealing to everyone that Phaedra told her that Porsha wanted to share with everyone about how she went to anger management classes. A previously un-aired scene was shown of Phaedra telling Kenya just that.

“She went to anger management and she wants to tell everybody about her progress.”

When Porsha denied that she wanted to do that and expressed bewilderment that Phaedra would tell Kenya such a thing, Phaedra backtracked.

“Um…well what I told her was that I knew you were working on yourself and that you’re in a peaceful place.”

Kenya pressed Porsha on whether she really has been taking anger management classes. Porsha, feeling ambushed and clearly not wanting to talk about the subject, called out Kenya for really just wanting to humiliate her instead of showing true concern.

“The feeling I’m getting from you is just very negative. You’re the only one on this side of the table who has asked me the question and I feel a certain way about how you are asking it. I don’t have anything against you and I don’t really appreciate the tone of this conversation.”

Kenya didn’t back down, peppering Porsha with a series of questions, including “Are you on medication?” and “Did you get a certificate?”

Porsha said meditation instead of medication ????????????????????#RHOA ????❤@porsha4real

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Porsha, who did eventually admit that anger management was something that she was taking a part of, got so fed up with the line of questioning that she got up and walked away.

Sheree Whitfield chided Kenya for trying to instigate something with Porsha. Sheree told Kenya that she provokes people, including her ex, Matt Jordan.

“You provoke people. Just look at you and Matt — he’s breaking windows. Obviously you provoke a lot of people.”

Kenya shot back that at least she hasn’t been physically abused while in a relationship since she was 16, unlike Sheree.

“Now don’t do that —you provoke people too. You have former boyfriends who have jumped on you, too. I haven’t been jumped on since I was 16 years old.”

In her confessional interview, Kenya maintained that Sheree has been in an abusive relationship before.

“I know for a fact Shereé has been in an abusive relationship before. Someone that has had a man putting their hands on them should not be saying to another woman that she is the cause of a man being violent to them.”

Sheree in turn denied it and said that Kenya was just trying to needlessly bring her into the drama.

“Now whether it’s true or not, you’re trying to make light of domestic violence. And I didn’t appreciate her bringing me into this…. Something’s wrong with that b**ch. Something’s wrong with her.”

As shown later on in the episode, Porsha did eventually return to continue talking with Phaedra and Sheree. Porsha warned Phaedra about becoming friends with Kenya Moore, to which Phaedra pledged her allegiance to Porsha.

A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode shows, however, that there may be trouble coming to Phaedra and Porsha’s friendship. Porsha’s friend, Shamea Morton, tells her that Phaedra negatively gossiped about her behind her back and to be careful around her. Shamea makes that statement in retaliation after being informed by Sheree Whitfield that Phaedra, as viewers saw happen in a previous episode, told her that Shamea was sexually promiscuous and had sexual relations with both Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, a claim that Porsha seemed to back up at the time. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that episode aired, Shamea lashed out at Porsha for co-signing a lie.

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