‘Resident Evil 7’: Producer Talks Story, Game Difficulty, & Survival Horror Aspect Of Capcom’s Latest

Resident Evil 7 is quickly approaching as fans get ready to go back to the roots of survival horror.

For months, questions have been raised in regards to Capcom and the seemingly complete spin they’ve put on their upcoming Resident Evil installment. We’re not simply running through waves of zombies and pulling big guns out of our inventories. Mindless enemies won’t be catering to our need for destruction and explosions. This time, Capcom is doing away with the action and bringing survival horror back into the light.

According to a report by Game Rant, Resident Evil 7 will emphasize the horror aspect of the story and gameplay. The first bit of gameplay that players were exposed to was testament of this. Instead of walking in open spaces and wandering freely, players are confined to what looks like a house filled with mystery and danger around almost every corner. Series producer Masachika Kawata discusses this, going into detail about what fans can expect.

Kawata states that the game will not be broken down into chapters. Instead, players will be able to play straight through with the game’s events. He also states that the game will take around 15 hours to complete. Of course, this could vary by the amount of exploration that players are willing to undergo.

When asked about items and how classic Resident Evil inventory will work, Masachika had this to say.

“If you’re looking at classic elements from the original Resident Evil, you’ll have the universal item box which is making a return,” Kawata began.

“You’ll also see classic items like the key picks and the crank will be making a guest appearance as well. We retired the typewriter this time around and we replaced it with a cassette player. So it’s taking a mild a step forward.”

The demo seemed to be void of arming players with proper weaponry with which to defend themselves, though the game was obviously far from finished. With Resident Evil 7 set to release in just two days, players will most likely find their time in the game different and set with new components not seen previously.

Producer Kawata had this to say for those who are choosing to make this their first Resident Evil game in the series.

“We think there will be relatively no issue with jumping in for the first time. We did definitely design the game not from the players’ perspective but from the characters’ perspective that they’re walking into the situation not knowing that much. So for the player I think it’ll definitely be easy to jump into it with minimal information.”

It’s good to know that first-time fans to the series will be able to enjoy the current generation game. Perhaps this will make them fans, inspiring players to go back and play installments in the series never experienced before.

Difficulty was also discussed, and Kawata touched on the fact that the game would be in first-person. More specifically, he addressed playing a Resident Evil game in first-person and associating it with the difficulty of the game.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it the most difficult resident evil game. What I will say is I think it is the best camera to offer the highest level of immersion in a survival – horror environment. I think that even if the camera perspective changes, long time fans will pick up the title when they’ll realize that there are elements of familiarity there.”

Ultimately, Kawata has heard the cries of those wanting Resident Evil to return to its roots. If you’re looking for a change of pace with horror and suspenseful thrills, Resident Evil 7 looks promising. VG247 reports that there are currently no plans by Capcom to bring reports that Resident Evil 7 to the Nintendo Switch, but there’s always hope for the upcoming console.

[Featured Image by Capcom]