‘LHHNY’ Season 7 Reunion Show Spoilers: Samantha Wallace Threatens To Quit After Attack During Reunion Show Taping

What would Yandy Smith’s storyline be like without Mendeecees Harris’ ex-girlfriend Samantha Wallace to keep the drama high? According to Hollywood Life, the Love & Hip Hop New York part-timer is threatening to quit the show after a reunion show beatdown that left her thinking that she might not be safe anymore.

“Sam’s over it!” claims a Hollywood Life source.

“She’s scared to even film again because she might get attacked by some random a** fan. She’s scared. She puts her life out there every day for the world to see and never thought she’d be viciously harmed.”

Samantha Wallace is the mother of Mendeecees’ oldest son and shares the same name as his incarcerated father. In previous seasons, it was the son who has been featured a lot more often than his mother, possibly due to the fact that Mendeecees and Yandy had him living with them most of the time.

In Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York, Mendeecees Harris is already incarcerated so Yandy Smith’s storyline has centered around the drama caused by Samantha and his other son’s mother, Erika DeShazo. Together, Samantha and Erika have caused quite a bit of drama while plotting to break up Mendeecees and Yandy.

In recent weeks, a friend of Samantha’s came forward and shared recordings of phone calls between Erika and Samantha that proved their plan to wreak havoc on the newly (not legally) married couple’s happiness.

Fast forward to the Season 7 Love & Hip Hop New York reunion show, which began taping in New York City on Thursday. While Samantha hasn’t said anything about it on social media (and presumably, her contract is keeping her quiet) there are multiple reports that a fight broke out on set during taping and it involved Yandy and Samantha.

The rumors are looking to be true and Hollywood Life also claims that a police report confirmed it. Included in that report are the following details.

“The victim, female and 33, states that while she was taping a show there was a confrontation that broke out and one of the cast members approached the victim and an unknown member from the audience began grabbing and punching the victim and pulling her hair.”

The age matches up with Samantha Wallace’s age and the details all sound about right. Rumor has it that the “random a**” audience member that put her hands on Samantha wasn’t so random after all. There are reports that it was actually one of Yandy’s cousins and when the fight broke out on stage, her cousin jumped in to make sure Yandy wasn’t getting teamed up on since she’s clearly outnumbered by the other baby mamas and their friends and family.

This news that Yandy and Samantha are still beefing at the Season 7 reunion show taping proves that the women still haven’t worked out their differences after fighting for literally the entire season about the kids. At least Samantha seemed to be a bit more level-headed than Erika, who won’t stop trying to prove that she actually had a legitimate relationship with Mendeecees even though he has even claimed that she did not.

Now that Samantha Wallace is threatening to quit Love & Hip Hop New York, fans may never get to see the end of the drama between Yandy, Samantha, and Erika. Many of us still haven’t figured out why Samantha and Erika are so mad at Yandy and why they care so much if she’s married or not to a man that neither of them is still dealing with romantically.

Do you think Samantha Wallace will really quit Love & Hip Hop New York after the big fight during the Season 7 reunion show taping? Sound off in the comments section below.

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