Jennifer Lopez Tight-Lipped About Drake Romance: Is She Hung Up On Marc Anthony? [Rumors]

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are allegedly in the most high-profile relationship in Hollywood at the moment and they have not been shy about posting several PDA pictures of themselves on Instagram.

However, when Lopez was asked about their relationship, she didn’t say anything that indicated the two were seeing each other. She just said they were going to make music together. “He just asked me to do a song with him and that’s what we’ve been doing,” she explained.

She went on to say that she wasn’t sure if Drake was going to put the song on his next album. “We’ll see if it’s on his next album,” she added and didn’t say anything about their alleged romance.

However, rumors are abuzz about their supposed relationship about which neither have talked openly. ET Online has said that Jennifer Lopez is totally into Drake and she is really enjoying this phase of their union. “She’s head over heels for Drake,” the source says. “It’s a new relationship, but she really likes him. She’s really into him.” The sources have gone on to say that she is “really happy” with the way things are at the moment and won’t change a thing.

Daily Mail had earlier reported that Drake and Jennifer Lopez are the “real deal” and it’s no fling. “They’ve gotten very close fast,” added an insider, the Daily Mail reported.

The sources have said that Drake is totally enamored by Jennnifer Lopez and she is his childhood crush. And now that he gets to be in a relationship with her, he couldn’t be happier. “He’s totally enchanted by her,” a source said.

“She was his childhood crush!” a friend of Drake’s said. It’s been said that Drake wanted to have that experience with Jennifer Lopez. “He wanted her to have that experience,” explains a source.

The sources have said that this ride can best be compared to a roller coaster, it’s just crazy and Drake absolutely adores her. “This is a super passionate, crazy, and intense roller coaster ride — as most of Jen’s relationships are. She is head over heels for him, and he seems to super dig her too,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The sources have said that it’s not just the chemistry between Drake and Jennifer that’s keeping them close, it’s also the fact that they love music and they are very passionate about what they do. These shared interests have only brought them closer.

However, it must not be forgotten that Jennifer Lopez’s ex, Marc Anthony isn’t really convinced about Drake and Lopez’s romance, the Inquisitr has reported. The sources added that Marc still feels a certain chemistry between him and Jennifer and he thinks she is pretending to be in a relationship with Drake just for publicity. “He feels that old chemistry…he thinks Jen and Drake are playing it up for publicity,” a source said of Marc.

And Jennifer Lopez has nothing but good things to say about Marc Anthony. She says Marc is a legend and that he will be important to her always. “Marc is a living legend. He is a magical and pure artist giving away classics that will stay forever. He will always be many things in my life.”

It’s also been said that the relationship between Drake and Lopez might be short lived and Jennifer’s friends fear she may be left broken hearted. “Everyone’s concerned it’s going to burn bright, but quickly fizzle out once the passion and crazy chemistry subsides a little, and Jen’s going to be left totally crushed,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Given the kind of respect Jennifer Lopez has for Marc Anthony, do you think the two are going to get back together? Is Jennifer really invested in Drake? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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