WikiLeaks Is Urging Hackers To Find Donald Trump’s Tax Returns As Kellyanne Conway Confirms That Trump Will Never Release Them

WikiLeaks is urging hackers to hack into Donald Trump’s tax returns and send it to them after White House counselor Kellyanne Conway confirmed on Sunday that the new President had no intentions of releasing them.

Speaking on ABC News’ Sunday morning show This Week, Conway told host George Stephanopoulos that her boss was never going to release his tax returns because the American people did not care about it.

She was responding in regard to an official White House petition asking Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Rules dictate that an incumbent administration has to respond if a petition is signed by 100,000 people in less than a month. In this case, the petition asking for the release of the tax returns has already been signed by over 220,000 people in less than two days after it was launched. However, Conway told Stephanopoulos that the official response to the petition was that Trump was not going to release his tax returns no matter what.

“The White House response is that he’s not going to release his tax returns. We litigated this all through the election. People didn’t care.

“They voted for him, and let me make this very clear: Most Americans are very focused on what their tax returns will look like while President Trump is in office, not what his look like.”

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway

Conway’s claims that the American people are not interested in Trump’s tax returns appear to be concocted to say the least. Apart from the overwhelming response on the official White House petition, a recent poll conducted by ABC/Washington Post found out that 74 percent Americans wanted the new President to release his tax returns, so that the American people know who he is in debt to, or if and how he is personally benefiting from the policy decisions he makes as President of the United States.

But now that the Trump administration has officially said that it does not intend to release the tax returns, making it amply clear that the “under audit” excuse used during the campaign trail for not releasing Trump’s financial documents was just a means to buy time till the election, WikiLeaks is urging hackers to get hold of the new President’s tax returns so that it can release them.

“Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway stated today that Trump will not release his tax returns. Send them to: so we can,” WikiLeaks wrote on Twitter.

Further noting that Trump not releasing his tax returns was a serious breach of tradition whereby all previous Presidents of the United States released their financial documentation, WikiLeaks wrote that Donald Trump’s decision to hide his tax returns, and thereby keep the details of his vast empire to himself, was even more egregious that Hillary Clinton failing to share the full text of speeches she made to some bankers.

“Trump’s breach of promise over the release of his tax returns is even more gratuitous than Clinton concealing her Goldman Sachs transcripts.”

Hillary Clinton

By all accounts, it appears highly unlikely at this stage that America’s new President is ever going to release his tax returns, unless more protests or petitions pressurize the administration into disclosing Donald Trump’s financial records.

Either that, or WikiLeaks.

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