Boston Man Arrested For 3 A.M. Fire Drill At Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hotel

If the Pittsburgh Steelers look tired while playing against the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship, it’s because the team got an unwanted wake-up call at 3 a.m. Police arrested a 25-year old Boston resident for the stunt. The Steelers are in town to play against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship on Sunday.

Massachusetts State Police were able to identify and arrest Dennis Harrison, a resident of East Boston. Harrison has been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and pulling a false fire alarm according to the Boston Globe.

The hotel was evacuated after the fire alarm went off so that the fire department could check and make sure there was no real threat. Although the Pittsburgh Steelers were staying at the hotel at the time of the fire alarm pull, they were not evacuated from the building and hopefully didn’t suffer too much from the unnecessary interruption of their sleep.

Pittsburgh Steelers false fire alarm Boston hotel

Harrison reportedly pulled the alarm around 3:40 a.m. at the Hilton Hotel where the Pittsburgh Steelers were staying, near the airport. After pulling the alarm, Harrison reportedly fled the scene but stayed on hotel property, making it easy for police to arrest him. According to local police, Dennis Harrison was not staying at the hotel and had no good reason for being on the property in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Imagine being an unsuspecting guest of the Hilton Hotel when Harrison pulled that alarm in the middle of the night. It’s January in Boston, and it’s pretty cold out there. It seems that pulling a prank of that nature would have a huge penalty, but it turns out that Harrison will probably walk away from the stunt with little more than a slap on the wrist.

Harrison was already released after paying $100 bail. According to State Police spokesman David Procopio, the fire alarm pull appeared to be a prank. The Steelers’ fans least favorite man right now is probably already home, getting ready to watch the game.

Pittsburgh Steelers fire alarm Boston AFC Championship

Coincidentally, a fire alarm was also pulled at Foxborough Stadium where the AFC Championship is going to be played later in the day. Again, the premises were evacuated while officials made sure that there wasn’t a real emergency happening. At that time, the only personnel at the field seemed to be the media and stadium workers who were quickly allowed back inside.

Pulling fire alarms on the night before the big game is nothing new and it seems to happen at least once in each Super Bowl cycle. The New England Patriots have made a name for themselves in recent years for playing on the dirty side, and it looks like their fans aren’t hold them to a higher standard. Messing with the away team’s psyche via fire alarms is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Now if there are reports that the air conditioning in the Steeler’s locker room doesn’t work or if they don’t have any towels, we’ll know that the Patriots are pulling stunts to get the upper hand in the game. Maybe someone should be on hand to check the ball pressure too, just in case.

The New England Patriots are favored to win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game that kicks off at 6:30 EST. The Steelers are not a team to ignore, though, and even if their opponents are favored to win, especially with Tom Brady having home field advantage, don’t be surprised if Big Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the team can pull off a shocking upset.

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