Nick Cannon Blames Mariah Carey’s NYE Disaster On Government Conspiracy, Reveals Sex Of Upcoming Baby

Nick Cannon knows who to blame for Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve mess, according to BET. The 36-year-old entertainer and former husband of the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer said nothing other than the government deserves the pointed finger of blame.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres during her daytime talk show, Nick Cannon discussed Carey’s much-talked-about disastrous New Year’s Eve performance in New York City. Cannon, who shares two children with Carey, said he believes the government set his former wife up.

“You know me, I’m a conspiracy theorist. I think the government did that. They set her up. That was a distraction. They just put her out there.”

While Nick Cannon was clearly joking, he quickly added that these kinds of technical issues happen a lot to most performers. The entertainer even recalled a very similar experience with technical difficulties during his America’s Got Talent era.

“I screw up on America’s Got Talent all the time. So when there’s people in your ear saying things and stuff, I think [Mariah] got a little flustered.”

For some reason, Carey was flustered by something while onstage and awkwardly messed up three of her performances closing out Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. After the painfully awkward performance, Carey blamed technical issues caused by faulty ear pieces.

However, Nick Cannon thinks his former wife and Grammy winner handled the situation well.

“Being the diva that she is, she said, ‘I’m just going to walk around and pose for 7 minutes.'”

And the crowd watching the performance didn’t seem to notice at all, Nick Cannon thinks. The entertainer joked that the crowd was distracted by the fact the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer looked so “amazing” without her lips moving.

In the same interview with DeGeneres, Nick Cannon also admitted he had seen Carey a few days after her New Year’s Eve messy performance, according to People magazine. The former couple, who share five-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, went out to grab some dinner and pose for a happy family photo, which they later shared on Instagram.

His former wife may have had a tough end to 2016, but Nick Cannon cannot say that his was much better. The entertainer spent Christmas in the hospital due to complications with lupus and was only released on December 29.

Speaking to DeGeneres, Nick Cannon addressed his battle with lupus, which the entertainer had been diagnosed with in 2012.

“And it always stems from that — but this time I had medication issues. It was definitely life threatening, but once I got to the hospital, the great doctors at Cedars-Sinai got it all in order.”

While Nick Cannon attributes his recent health complications to having way “too much medicine going on,” the entertainer explained that about 70 percent of the blood in his body went into his right arm because he was on blood thinners, making it look like Popeye. He then ended up getting five blood transfusions in the hospital.

“So I kind of knew something was wrong but once we got to the hospital, we got it all in order and got my levels back together.”

However, Nick Cannon insists that he has given up the traditional medications and is exploring the holistic, homeopathic way. The entertainer claims it’s working and says his chakras are in check. He also attributes his good health to meditating and jokes he is going to “start floating in a minute.”

Nick Cannon must hold strong for his upcoming baby with girlfriend Brittany Bell, who won Miss Arizona USA in 2010. Speaking to DeGeneres, the entertainer exclusively revealed that the baby is going to be a boy, but said neither him nor his girlfriend have chosen the name for the baby yet.

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