‘RHOA’ Ex-Husband Peter Thomas Fires Back Over $150K Lawsuit, Files Countersuit Over Breach Of Contract

Peter Thomas isn’t letting that pesky $150,000 lawsuit stop him from being a successful club owner. Peter was accused of defrauding an investor who turned around and sued him for failing to deliver on his promises. The Real Housewives of Atlanta ex-husband is countersuing Tony G. Taylor because he did not stick to the contract.

In the original lawsuit, Peter was accused of lying about the role that Taylor would play as an investor in one of his nightclubs. Taylor claims that he was promised a 15 percent ownership in Club One, the nightclub Peter Thomas opened up in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also claims that he was supposed to be part of the decision-making process as a part-owner and manager of the club.

Peter Thomas says that no deal of that magnitude was ever made nor was it promised. According to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Tony G. Taylor was an investor and nothing more. Peter claims that he never promised the businessman any of those things when securing the $150,000 investment into his new business.

On January 3, Peter Thomas responded to Taylor’s lawsuit according to All About The Tea. The RHOA star turned around and countersued the investor, claiming that he already breached the contract that both of them signed. Apparently, there is a clause in the contract between Thomas and Taylor that says if there is any dispute regarding Club One or the money that was invested in it, both parties are supposed to first use arbitration rather than jumping straight to lawsuits.

When it comes to settling the case, it should be fairly easy for a judge to figure out. It’s all in the contract, and if it states that Taylor is an investor and not a partner, it’s going to be pretty hard to win that one.

The Club One lawsuit and his countersuit aren’t even close to the only legal problems plaguing Peter Thomas these days. Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband is also dealing with a massive tax lien against Bar One because he’s been accused of skipping out on his taxes.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the IRS knows that they are not one to mess with and they say that Peter Thomas owes $350,000 in back taxes. That latest blow to Thomas’ business came late last summer after the RHOA star had already filed a bankruptcy for the business and was dealing with forclosure.

Reality Tea reported that Peter should probably look for another line of work because his bar management was obviously lacking. Rather than switching careers, it looks like the Real Housewives of Atlanta ex-husband decided to switch locations instead and has been spending a lot of time and energy on his projects in Charlotte instead of those in Atlanta.

There were even rumors that Peter Thomas was looking for a Bravo spinoff of his own when he started up Sports One, a bar that he co-owns with Porsha Williams’ ex-husband Kordell Stewart. There are so many ex-husbands of the Real Housewives of Atlanta now that they really could get together and form their own show. Maybe they’re just waiting for Apollo Nida to get out of prison so they can do a project like that.

In any case, it looks like life hasn’t become any less stressful for Peter Thomas in his post-Cynthia Bailey era. The Real Housewives of Atlanta ex-husband has his hands full with all the clubs he has opened and the legal and tax drama that has ensued as a result. At least Bailey isn’t stirring up any drama for her ex, even when she decided to crash the opening of Club One so she could be there with her friends (and for filming, of course!)

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]