'SNL' Removes Katie Rich From Writing Credits: Will NBC Make A Statement Saying Writer Fired For Barron Trump Twitter Tweet?

Paula Mooney

Writer Katie Rich came under fire for tweeting on January 20, the day of President Donald Trump's Inauguration, that 10-year-old Barron Trump would become the country's first homeschool shooter.

If Katie had been some unknown Trump supporter or random anti-Trump person on Twitter, Rich's Twitter tweet would have likely gone unnoticed. Instead, since Rich held (or holds) the title of SNL writer in Katie's bio, as reported by the Inquisitr, the fact that Katie borrowed a photo like one of the below photos from Inauguration Day, circled Barron in red and quipped that Barron would be come the country's first homeschool shooter didn't go unnoticed for the SNL writer. [gallery ids="3907687,3907696,3907657,3907656,3907653,3907654,3907655,3907658,3907659,3907660,3907661,3907662,3907663,3907664,3907666,3907667,3907668,3907669,3907670,3907671,3907672,3907673,3907675,3907676,3907677,3907678,3907679,3907680,3907681,3907682,3907683,3907684,3907685,3907686,3907688,3907689,3907690,3907691,3907692,3907693,3907694,3907695,3907697,3907698,3907699,3907700,3907701,3907702,3907703,3907704,3907705,3907706,3907707,3907708,3907709,3909834,3909774,3909769,3909770,3909771,3909772,3909773,3909775,3909776,3909777,3909778,3909779,3909780,3909781,3909782,3909783,3909784,3909785,3909786,3909787,3909788,3909789,3909790,3909791,3909792,3909794,3909795,3909796,3909797,3909798,3909799,3909800,3909802,3909803,3909805,3909806,3909807,3909808,3909809,3909810,3909811,3909812,3909813,3909814,3909815,3909816,3909817,3909818,3909819,3909821,3909823,3909824,3909825,3909827,3909828,3909829,3909830,3909831,3909832,3909833,3909835,3909836,3909837,3909838,3909839,3909840,3909841,3909842,3909843,3909844,3909845,3909846,3909847,3909848,3909849,3909850,3909851,3909852,3909853,3909854,3909855,3909856,3909857,3909858,3909859,3909860,3909861,3909862,3909863,3909864,3909865,3909866,3909867,3909869,3909870,3909871,3909872,3909873,3909874"]

President Trump's contentious relationship with SNL is well know, even if Mr. Trump didn't actually threaten to cancel SNL and have Alec Baldwin arrested. (President Trump did call SNL biased, one-sided and not funny.) Rich's offhanded joke may have been impetuous and funny to some -- even if Barron isn't actually homeschooled, but attends an elite private school. Now Katie's joke may have gotten her fired from SNL, since the name "Katie Rich" did not appear between the SNL writers names Josh Patten and Streeter Seidell on the Saturday, January 21, writing credits, as Katie's name has appeared in past SNL episodes writing credits.

It's hard to know if Katie was actually fired from SNL, whether SNL just removed Rich's name from the writing credits amid the backlash over Katie's tweet about Barron, or if Rich was just put on a sort of writer's hiatus until the SNL writer's heat as related to the Barron tweet dies down. Perhaps Katie didn't enjoy writing credit on every single SNL episode each week as of late anyway, but that scenario is unlikely. What's more likely is that Katie got fired from SNL due to the heated backlash over Rich's tweet about Barron.

As of this writing, the NBC Universal press releases page doesn't show information about Katie being fired from SNL, even if the NBC Universal Facebook page is receiving comments calling Rich all sorts of horrible names and calling for Katie's firing from SNL.

The NBC Universal Twitter page has not made mention of Katie as of this writing, with no official statements from NBC as of this time stating whether or not Rich has been fired from SNL, or has been placed on temporary leave or anything, in the wake of the unfortunate tweet about Barron.

Whereas the Change.org petition titled "FIRE Katie Rich from SNL & NBC" has swelled to more than 24,000 signatures, and calls for Katie's firing, SNL fines and NBC's blockage from Mr. Trump's White House press room if SNL doesn't bow to their demands, SNL rolled on Saturday night, with performances that are gaining plenty of buzz as well.

There was the SNL tribute to Mr. Obama on Saturday night's episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring the emotional "To Sir, With Love" song, as reported by the Inquisitr. With SNL airing its first episode after President Trump was sworn into office, Aziz Ansari hosted, and won praise for Aziz's viewpoints on being a "brown" man in a world wherein Ansari joked that the lowercase "kkk" people felt more comfortable to emerge. Big Sean sang his famous "Bounce Back" song on SNL, as Kellyanne Conway's dreams of stardom were portrayed, as well as a shirtless Putin bragging about buying the U.S.

If Rich contributed to any of the SNL sketches above during the previous week -- after all, Kate didn't publish her tweet about Barron until Friday, January 20 -- Rich did not receive public writing credits in the SNL credits on Saturday's episode. If Rich was fired from SNL, it appears Barron's supporters will not be silenced.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]