Skrillex Reunites With Former Emo Band To ‘Make War,’ Accused Of Stealing Cover Art

Skrillex has finally reunited with his former emo band to make war, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The “Bangarang” producer surprised his fans on his 29th birthday last Sunday with the release of a new track titled “Make War.”

It’s been more than a decade since Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny Moore, and From First to Last have worked together. The electronic dance music producer and DJ served as the emo band’s vocalist on its two albums, 2004’s Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount and 2006’s Heroine.

According to the band’s official statement, Skrillex co-wrote “Make War” as well as lent his vocals and production skills. All other original members of From First to Last returned for the reunion, the band said.

“Make War,” which was released on Skrillex’s 29th birthday, is now available to stream on iTunes and Spotify. In 2006, Skrillex left the band as he wanted to focus on his solo career in addition to being concerned about permanently damaging his vocal cords.

After launching his solo career, Skrillex started out under his own name, Sonny Moore, before making the transition to Skrillex. The DJ introduced himself to the EDM world with his 2010 EP called My Name Is Skrillex.

Rumors that Skrillex could reunite with his former band have been circulating since summer 2016. That’s when the EDM musician used his Beats 1 radio show to preview a new track from the emo group featuring his vocals.

From First to Last vocalist Spencer Sotelo, who left the band in August, also suggested that Skrillex could reunite with From First to Last. But they weren’t the only hints that made Skrillex/From First to Last fans anticipate the possible reunion.

Since last summer, the group’s official Facebook page has been posting photos from the 2000s, when Skrillex was part of the band. In fact, From First to Last’s Facebook page even shared an Alternative Press article featuring footage of Skrillex singing a new track.

However, the bad news for Skrillex/From First to Last fans is that it was only a one-off birthday gift reunion. Skrillex is not re-joining the band’s lineup, and it’s unclear if he’ll ever do it.

But even one track was enough to spark controversies, according to Pitchfork. Skrillex’s reunion track came with a cover artwork which is believed to have been stolen from a U.S. band.

“Make War”‘s cover artwork, which was designed by Sus Boy and Jabbathekid, shows a peach wrapped in barbed wire. A San Francisco-based band Culture Abuse took to social media to slam Skrillex’s latest track’s artwork for looking way too similar to the artwork for their 2016 album Peach.

However, Skrillex himself took to Twitter to respond to the controversy surrounding the artwork. The EDM musician claims it was “a complete coincidence” and added that both he and From First to Last would “never disrespect or appropriate another artist’s work.”

Skrillex ended his message on a positive note, giving a shoutout to the U.S. band and inviting his followers to go check out their music and “show them some love.”

On New Year’s Eve, Skrillex showed “some love” to Justin Bieber and Marshmello, when he joined them onstage to perform the pop idol’s hit song “Sorry,” according to Your EDM.

The collaborative show between Skrillex, Bieber, and Marshmello took place at Miami’s Fontainebleau and included a $500,000 ultimate VIP experience. But people attending the show didn’t necessarily have to buy $500,000 VIP tickets to feel the enormous energy coming from the three musicians dancing and singing on stage.

Even though Marshmello didn’t participate in the production of “Sorry,” co-produced by Skrillex and Bieber, his presence on stage may suggest the trio could collaborate on new music together.

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