The Top 10 Best Original Netflix Movies, As Ranked By Critics

Many of the best movies are hosted on Netflix, and the streaming company has created several original films in an attempt to compete with networks and cinemas. But unlike their original shows, which are often considered some of the best around, Netflix movies are typically panned. In fact, creating a top-10 list is fairly easy to accomplish since only about 12 (out of 23) of their films received good reviews. Using the critic score (listed next to the titles below) from Rotten Tomatoes, the Netflix features are ranked according to their popularity. (This list doesn’t include any documentaries or animated features.)

I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House: 60

Coming in at number ten (tied with ARQ) on the list is this old school haunted house movie. A young woman is hired to help take care of Helen Bloom: an elderly woman who is an author of popular ghost stories. The young caretaker soon finds out that the books aren’t the only thing containing haunting spirits.

Those who watched this expecting jump-scare moments often found in horror movies were gravely disappointed. But those who appreciated a story done with a slow-burn style, like movies from years gone by, found this picture to be unique and enthralling.

ARQ: 60

A couple possesses an innovative energy source, and they find themselves invaded in their home by masked perpetrators. They must fight for their life in order to survive and to keep the energy source safe. But that’s not their biggest problem; the exact same scenario keeps happening to them over and over again.

Time-loop movies are nothing new, and neither is this Netflix film. But it delivers non-stop entertaining action nonetheless.

Best Netflix movies

XOXO: 71

In this romantic-comedy, six strangers’ lives intertwine during the biggest EDM concert of the year. With an average rating of one star (out of five), clearly subscribers aren’t as fond with this movie.

Brahman Naman: 75

A group of college friends on a quiz team compete in a nationwide championship, and they are very excited—to lose their virginity. Just like teen sex-comedies from the ’80s, this film based in 1980s India is about two things: surviving school and getting it on. However, unlike similar movies of yesteryear, this film has layers and a bigger meaning. It also doesn’t glorify male sexuality or objectify women; a refreshing rarity for movies of that genre.

The Fundamentals of Caring: 77

Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez star in one of the the most heartwarming and feel-good movies of 2016, and it ranks at number five. Rudd plays a caregiver to a teenager who has muscular dystrophy, and he takes the teen on his first road-trip adventure. The Huffington Post describes why this is one of the best movies on Netflix.

“Rudd, a great stabilizer of even low-rated Rotten-Tomato-ed comedies, is a star whose immeasurable talents need more challenges, and here is a nice change of pace. A dramedy with a little soul.”

Barry: 79

This biopic covers President Barack Obama’s freshman year at Columbia University and his search for identity as he shifts between different social groups. This was one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2016, and both Netflix viewers and critics loved it. However, some felt that they played it safe by not revealing more information on one of the most interesting figures in American history.

Spectral: 80

A group of soldiers are dispatched to fight an unknown supernatural enemy. Like ARQ, this is a straightforward action flick that does exactly what it is supposed to do: entertain the audience with a bit of intrigue and a whole lot of violence.

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday: 82

We’ve seen Pee-Wee movies where he searches for his bike at the Alamo and joins the big top circus, but now Netflix audiences get to see him take his first vacation. Many expected this to be like the numerous movies by Netflix that bombed, but both critics and audiences were pleasantly surprised.

The film did a great job of capturing the essence of what people loved about the other Pee-Wee movies while making sure it felt fresh and original rather than a needless rehash. And just like the other movies, this story is truly about love, friendship, and of course, ridiculous comedy.

best movies on Netflix

Tallulah: 84

Ellen Page (Juno) and Allison Janney (The West Wing) star in this absorbing comedy-drama. A wealthy woman pays a complete stranger, Tallulah (portrayed by Page), to babysit her toddler; then the mother ends up abandoning her child. In need of assistance and seemingly with no family of her own, Tallulah reaches out to her ex-boyfriend’s mom (Janney) for help.

Apparently, Ellen Page enjoys portraying young mothers with a unique first name. And like Juno, Tallulah does a great job of taking a tough and very realistic situation and shining a feel-good light on it. This title stands strong thanks to brilliant performances by the leading duo. Though this movie just came in shy of being ranked No. 1, it could easily be argued that it belongs in that top spot.

Beasts of No Nation: 91

Based on the novel of the same name by Nigerian author Cary Fukunaga, this feature claims the No. 1 spot. This powerful drama tells the story of a child soldier combating in a civil war in an African country.

This is the only title to breach a score of 90 percent, and that score is well-deserved. This is the first of original movies made by Netflix, and critics and audiences were blown away. People assumed that Netflix had the magic to create stellar original films just like they do with their series, but this picture set a bar so high that the movies following would fail to live up to it.


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