Ed Sheeran And His Literal Lego — And Teddy Bear — House

Turns out “Lego House” hitmaker Ed Sheeran has a non-metaphorical lego house himself, among other toys and kids stuff.

Lego House was one of the building blocks, quite literally, of Ed Sheeran’s career. Just right behind “Thinking Out Loud,” “The A-Team,” “Sing,” and “Photograph” is 2011’s “Lego House,” Ed’s third biggest single, which hit 800,000 sales, Official Charts reports. Lego House has been a wonderfully written love song with one of the most disturbing yet hysterical music videos we have ever come across. When a great song and a great actor really come together in a song, you just couldn’t help but love it.

But little did we know that Ed Sheeran has a huge Lego side himself—apart from the hilarious lego recreation of the whole music video of Lego House(starring Rupert Grint) which you can watch below.

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show, Ed Sheeran reveals his heart of Lego as he talks about his habit of buying himself children’s toys to commemorate his successes, Brick Fanatics reports.

When my album went to number one I bought the Death Star Lego kit – it was time!

Ed Sheeran has been known to play with Lego even inside the studio when he’s tossing around ideas for songs. But little did we know that his obsession for Lego has been much worse when he was young. Ed Sheeran shares the story of how he brought a Lego to a date once because he just couldn’t wait to build it. He ended up building the entire Lego during the date itself.

“I once went on a date, brought a Lego set with me and while we were chatting I made the set and then left.”

But Legos aren’t the only thing that Ed Sheeran hoards. This kid-at-heart continued to talk about his hobbies and revealed that he is just as nuts over teddy bears. In fact, he has a whole room filled with these cuddly things!

“I have a load of kid’s stuff; a room full of teddy bears and two giant pandas in my bedroom. And, when my goddaughter wanted a Ninja Turtle I got her one and bought myself the Ninja Turtle truck.”

It is also not new knowledge that Ed Sheeran has a lot of tattoos—and I mean a lot. And if you look at his tattoos hard enough (or if he takes off his checkered polos, that is), you’ll find one tattoo of a teddy bear on his right bicep, and Ed explains he got it because his nickname in school was Teddy.

This is not the first time we are hearing of Ed Sheeran’s crazy obsession over kids’ toys. Around the same time last year, Ed Sheeran also revealed to the Sun that he splurged £2,000 on a mad binge in huge kids’ toys retailer Toys R Us. Shopping at the store, Ed Sheeran filled a shopping cart with scooters, roller skates, yo-yos, a Nerf gun, and even a pair of Heelys (if you’re not familiar with Heelys, these are shoes with built-in tiny wheels so you can glide around like skates).

Ed Sheeran has all his toys stored in his house [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Ed Sheeran explains that he wasn’t allowed a lot of things when he was a kid, just like any kid with disciplinarian parents. So to make up for all the toys he did not get his hands on, he is spending all his hard-earned cash on Lego, teddy bears, dolls, and other children bric-a-brac.

“As any kid that has good parents will know, when you grow up you’re not allowed things.

“I went into Toys R Us and just spent two grand on everything I wanted when I was younger. I was like, ‘I was never allowed that pirate ship so I’m having that, wasn’t allowed a Nerf gun so I’m having that, I wasn’t allowed a scooter so I’m having that’. I bought roller skates, a yo-yo, those wheelie shoes… I haven’t used half of them but it was just that moment that I’m allowed to now. I bought everything.”

Ed Sheeran then adds that he knows his kids are going to have a lot of fun playing with all the toys that he has hoarded, just as much as he had fun purchasing them.

[Featured Image by Winslow Townson/Invision/AP Images]