Robert Pattinson Asks Kristen Stewart For A Separation [Rumor]

Rumor has it that although Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together Pattinson would prefer to take things slowly according to news source Heat. Even though the high profile couple has been seen out together on multiple occasions it seems as if that is not the real story.

Heat, a British Tabloid, says that Pattinson is going to be spending three months in Australia filming The Rover and that he told Kristen Stewart she is not welcome to join him.

The insider quoted in the article says:

“Rob’s decision to leave Kristen behind has left her crushed. They’re back together, but Rob is still hurting and feels that some time apart could be just what he needs.

The same insider said that Pattinson told Stewart he is not going to making any sacrifices for her either professionally or personally.

There are conflicting reports coming out about the conflict between the two of them also. Gossip Cop says that it is totally ridiculous that a visit from Stewart would do anything to jeopardize Pattinson’s career. Not only is Robert Pattinson at the top of his game right now but the couple is still completely adored by the entire world.

The only explanation for what Heat said could be that Stewart might make an emotional impact on Pattinson while he is working but it would seem that that would not affect him anyway.

This rumor may just be that but if it turns out to be true remember you heard it here.