Obama Bear Hug Photo Goes Viral, Breaks Twitter And Facebook Records [Photo]

A picture of President Obama giving his wife, Michelle Obama, a bear hug has gone viral. Obama tweeted the photo — which had been taken in Davenport, Iowa in August — after being re-elected Tuesday night and captioned it with, “Four more years.”

This isn’t the first photo of President Obama being on the giving or receiving end of a bear hug. In September, a picture and video of a Florida pizza shop owner lifting the president off the ground in a massive bear hug began circulating. Obama told the owner, Scott Van Duzer, that he was “the biggest pizza shop owner [he’d] ever seen.” He then approached Van Duzer and was lifted about a foot of the ground. “Man, are you a powerlifter or what,” Obama asked.

Obama later said he thought the hug was hilarious, but he was “not sure how the Secret Service felt about it.”

The picture of Obama giving his wife a bear hug, which has broken the previous record held by Justin Bieber, has been retweeted and favorited almost a million times as Twitter users congratulated the president on his victory. The photo also launched the president into Facebook history, as it became the most liked photo on the social networking site with 3.1 million likes.

As news of the president’s re-election broke, there were 327,452 related tweets posted every minute, according to the BBC.

Michelle and President Obama have been married for two decades. Their 20th anniversary fell on the same day of the first presidential debate against Mitt Romney on October 3. The president has said that their first kiss was outside a Baskin-Robbins in Chicago’s Hyde Park. Since then, there has been no shortage of PDA between the two.

Obama bear hugs Michelle after winning reelection
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