‘Goblin’ Korean Drama Ep 15, Ep 16 Finale Review: Tragedy, Death, Redemption, And Second Chances In A Tour De Force Of Emotions

Goblin, one of the last and one of the best Korean dramas of 2016, has reached the end of its journey. Over the course of the last eight weeks, the tale of the immortal Goblin and his search for a bride unfolded, leaving millions of satisfied fans in its wake. Goblin Episode 15 and 16 were aired back-to-back, giving its viewers a tour de force of emotions as the more than 900-year saga of the titular character drew to a definitive close.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

With all the exposition for the time skip being covered in Episode 14, Goblin Episode 15 and 16 fully focused on the four main characters and their respective decisions regarding their relationships with each other. At the center of it all was the Goblin and his bride, who were finally able to achieve some genuine happiness in each other’s company. Considering everything that the two characters went through, scenes of the pair living together as a married couple was emotionally gratifying.

Farewells and tragedy played out perfectly in 'Goblin' Episode 16.

One thing that Goblin Episode 15 and 16 was able to do was show viewers exactly how much Eun-Tak meant to Kim Shin. For the most part of the series, the 19-year-old Eun-Tak was depicted as the one pining for the titular character, with the latter being almost annoyed at her antics, as noted by K-drama-themed website Drama Beans. Avid K-drama fans have shared this sentiment, stating that Eun-Tak’s childish, whiny, and needy actions were a significant downer to an otherwise excellent drama.

In Goblin Episode 15 and 16, however, this was not the case, as it was Kim Shin who was putting in all the effort to show his bride how much he loved her. Seeing the titular character extend insane levels of affection towards his bride was not only refreshing, it ultimately brought the drama full circle. Just as predicted in a previous Inquisitr report, however, the Goblin and his bride’s happiness did eventually hit a massive roadblock, as Eun-Tak’s name finally appeared on the Grim Reaper’s card once more.

A prominent theme in 'Goblin' Episode 16 was the titular character's pervading sense of loneliness.

The tragedy that befell the Korean drama’s main couple was reflected in its secondary pair as well. In Goblin Episode 16, Sunny, after finding it unable to pursue a relationship with the Grim Reaper, decided to depart from his life indefinitely. The aftermath of Sunny’s departure, with the Grim Reaper crying his heart out while holding her portrait from 900 years ago, as well as Kim Shin’s actions after Eun-Tak enters the afterlife, were no less than heartbreaking.

If there was one thing that Goblin Episode 15 and 16 did perfectly, it was how it depicted the farewell of the two main female characters. Sunny’s farewell to the Grim Reaper, set in the bridge where the two held so many memories, was filled with emotion. Eun-Tak’s final moments with the Goblin, promising him that they will meet again in her next life, was just as powerful and moving. Admirably, the K-drama did not employ any Deus Ex Machina at all, with the departure of the two female leads being definitive and final.

Time skips were utilized to their fullest in Goblin Episode 16, with the timeline skipping 30 years after Eun-Tak’s death, followed by another 30 or so years for the Korean drama’s final scenes. While it was noted by fans in online forums such as Reddit that the time skips were a bit difficult to follow due to their frequency and some set pieces such as mobile phones and cars were a bit off, the heart of the narrative remained perfectly intact. Despite all the time that has passed, the plot was quick to show its viewers that Goblin was, and still is, the story of the titular character and his bride.

The final time skip in Goblin Episode 16, set far into the future, capped off the epic tale very well, with the Grim Reaper and Sunny finding themselves once more, this time as a detective and an actress. While their scenes were a bit brief, it was refreshing to see the Reaper as a more assertive character, engaging Sunny in a way that is far more confident than previously seen in the drama. Their passionate kiss in the end, initiated by Reaper after Sunny gave him a present, was no less than perfect and undoubtedly satisfying.

The fate of the titular character, who was left behind by his bride, his best friend, and his sister, was quite tragic in a way. After all, Kim Shin, who has spent the greater part of 900+ years tormented and lonely, eventually found himself more alone than ever for the most part of Goblin Ep 16. Scenes of the titular character wishing his wife to rest in peace, as well as moments of him finding his best friend and sister being happy in their reincarnated lives, carried a definitively melancholic tone. The South Korean literary concept of Han, which corresponds to a pervading sense of loneliness and sadness, was in full effect in the Goblin finale, and it was played out perfectly.

Goblin Episode 16 did not end on a tragic note, however, as the final scene of the hit K-drama addressed the plot’s final loose end. Kim Shin and the reincarnated Eun-Tak’s reunion, albeit only for a few moments, was a great way to close the narrative. Overall, the finale of Goblin was very close to being perfect. While there were some details in the story that could have been addressed better, Episode 15 and 16 were nonetheless able to effectively draw the final curtain on the excellent K-drama in a way that the narrative deserves. Goblin is not without its flaws, but for what it’s worth, it definitely ranks as one of the finest Korean dramas to ever be released in recent years.

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