Kim Kardashian Allegedly On ‘Sex Strike’ As Marriage To Kanye West Turns Frosty: ‘This Could End Badly,’ Says ‘Source’

A claim by a “source” that Kim Kardashian is not having sex with husband Kanye West has re-ignited divorce rumors soon after the rumors were quelled by a story that Kanye managed to convince his wife to stay despite his disruptive behavior during a recent episode of “temporary psychosis.”

According to Radar Online, a “source” close to the couple revealed that Kim is not having sex with Kanye.

“Kim is not having sex with Kanye right now and he is constantly complaining about how she is never affectionate with him,” the source said.

According to the source, Kim, 36, has not yet recovered fully from the terrifying experience she had in Paris last October when she was robbed of expensive jewelry by armed men who bound and gagged her.

Kim claims that the trauma of the experience might have turned off her interest in sex.

“Kim blames her lack of affection on the robbery,” the source said. “When Kanye questions why she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore, she tells him that it is his fault that he does not try!”

But the source said that it seemed unfair to blame Kanye because it appears that Kim is the one who has lost interest in sex. Some members of Kim’s “inner circle” believe that holding out on Kanye at this time could mean that Kim married him only to promote her celebrity career, according to the source.

“It seemed to some in her inner circle that Kim wanted Kanye for what he could do for her career… she treats him like c**p.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The source also suggested that Kim might be exploiting the advantage she gained when Kanye begged her to stay after she threatened to leave. Kim reportedly told friends that she was considering ending her marriage to Kanye after his disruptive behavior during a recent episode of “temporary psychosis.”

Kim, according to the source, could believe that Kanye is so desperate for her to stay that it does not matter anymore what she does.

“It almost seems like she thinks that it does not matter what she does, because he will stick by her no matter what!” the source said.

Many fans observed that lack of intimacy between the couple would put a strain on their marriage. Others recalled that the latest rumor suggests a state of affairs that is a far cry from the time in 2015 when E! News reported that Kim said she and Kanye were having sex 15 times a day.

But others noted at the time that the prodigious level of sexual activity that Kim claimed was motivated by efforts to get Kim pregnant a second time.

However, Kim first spoke about how often she and Kanye were having sex on the 2015 season 10 premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She told her sisters on the show that she and Kanye were having sex 500 times a day!

Everyone understood at the time that Kim was only exaggerating, and she later told E! News that she and her husband were having sex 15 times a day. But having sex 15 days a day was still an extraordinary level of activity, most fans agreed.

And not surprisingly, Kim admitted that her doctor thought she was trying too hard to get pregnant.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

The doctor said that sex once a day would more likely yield the result they wanted because it would give Kanye more time to restore his sperm count.

“The doctors said he thinks I’m having sex too much,” Kim said. “He said one time is more powerful… so we’ve tried everything.”

Much later in June of 2016, after she had given birth to Saint, Kim opened up once again about her sex life with Kanye, awarding it a “five star rating.”

She also claimed at the time that she had done some research on “astrological compatibly” and that the results could explain why she and Kanye had such a great sex life.

“I did a little research about Libras and Geminis and found out they’re a perfect match!” Kim said according to a previous Us Weekly report. “One website even said that we were one of the best matches in the zodiac. We’re both air signs on the same wavelength. So true! We’ve had an amazing connection right from the start.”

Many fans are saying that if the latest rumor about the celebrities’ rocky marriage is true then a divorce is only a matter of time.

The source appeared to agree with the assessment, saying, “It looks like this is going to end badly.”

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