Kim Kardashian: Her Plans To Prevent Kanye West Divorce, ‘KUWTK’ Star Reaching Breaking Point?

Kim Kardashian is trying her best to keep her marriage together amid reports she’s considering the idea of divorcing her husband, Kanye West.

While the couple is said to have overcome most of their obstacles in recent months, including West’s hospitalization and Kim’s robbery in Paris, the socialite still hasn’t found herself being any happier around her husband.

According to a report, via People, the mother-of-two is desperate not to end up filing the official divorce papers, mainly because she still believes that she can make things work with West, but as of right now, Kim Kardashian is pulling strings that are out of her reach.

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The couple has talked endlessly about their marriage and how they can move on from all the drama they’ve surrounded themselves with lately. Kanye has evidently struggled with his depression, while Kardashian just recently made her return to social media, having become fearful of leaving her home following the Paris ordeal.

Kim is supposedly aware of the fact that her relationship has faced its toughest time in the past four months. Everything deteriorated after the robbery incident, and while Kardashian is hopeful that she can move forward and start a new beginning with Kanye, the twosome is still trying their hardest to make the marriage work right now.

“She is spending time with Kanye. It doesn’t seem like they have plans to split now,” an insider tells People. “Things don’t seem great, but it also seems they are working to change that.”

“Kanye has been very low-key and Kim Kardashian appreciates that. With her life not being completely chaotic, she is able to be more understanding and patient with Kanye. Kim seems more hopeful about their future together.”

As the source already mentions, Kim Kardashian couldn’t be more grateful that Kanye has taken a step back from the limelight and avoided any further controversial headlines, such as the one caused when the rapper famously flew out to New York City for a meeting with Donald Trump in December.

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According to reports, Kim did not approve of the last-minute decision to attend the gathering, mainly because she doesn’t respect Trump’s political views, it was alleged, and with that in mind, it seemed as if Kanye was unwilling to compromise with his wife and simply stay at home with his family.

It should be noted that Kanye’s decision to fly out to New York was just days after his release from the hospital, and while Kim Kardashian was reportedly stressing her husband to rest at home and recover from his abrupt meltdown, West had other plans in mind and still decided to make the trip.

Again, at this given point, Kardashian and Kanye are supposedly trying anything they can to overcome the hurdles they’ve faced that have evidently affected their marriage in more ways than one. Hollywood Life adds, saying divorce is not an option for Kim at this given time, especially when considering the fact that she shared two young children with West.

She wants to remain a family, but that’s proven itself to be more challenging than she thought, the insider added.

News of Kim Kardashian’s struggle in keeping her marriage intact comes just two weeks after the E! network confirmed the return of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in March, which will heavily focus on the aftermath of the socialite’s horrific experience in Paris, France.

Kanye is also expected to be featured in the forthcoming series, where fans will get a glimpse of the rapper’s battle with depression and what exactly led to his abrupt downfall that had him placed on a psychiatric hold.

What do you make of Kim Kardashian’s plans to keep her marriage together? Do you think she’ll succeed?

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