Kim Kardashian Reportedly Fears Kanye West Rant About Beyonce, Supporting Donald Trump Could Damage ‘KUWTK’ Brand

Kim Kardashian is beginning to lose her mind with all the ranting Kanye West has been doing during his Saint Pablo tour, it has been alleged.

The 36-year old reality star was stunned when she would go on to learn that her husband had publicly admitted to being a Donald Trump supporter in the midst of his concert, The New York Times reported, prompting hundreds of fans to walk out before the show was even over.

Kanye ranted, saying if he had voted in the election, it wouldn’t have been for Hillary Clinton — and he would go on to repeat this three times, making it very clear to everybody in the audience that Donald was his favorite candidate.

With the rioting all across the United States, along with all the backlash, Kim Kardashian is freaking out, wondering whether this could potentially ruin her career. The reality star has been in hiding since the Paris robbery ordeal last month, and while she’s been absent from social media, she has kept up with everything around her.

Right now, Kim Kardashian’s main concern is her husband and all the talking he’s doing in the public. Just two weeks ago, Kanye ranted about Beyonce not being there for him when Kim was recovering from her gunpoint ordeal, making it known that Bey and her husband, Jay-Z, simply did not care.

“Kim knew for a minute Kanye was a Trump supporter and tried to keep him from going public with it. She didn’t want that association to hurt their brand and didn’t want to read all the hate on social media about it,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“But Kanye’s good at convincing her and told her it wouldn’t be in his nature to suppress what he believes just to fit it and make others happy. He basically said f**k it and told her he was going to rant about Trump. Kim’s not mad at him because she supports her man but they’re choosing not to talk politics to each other for now.”

Earlier this week, during a show in Sacramento, Kanye gave yet another one of his rants, claiming Beyonce tries too hard to be seen as a cool celebrity, stressing that those were the least of his worries because he doesn’t strive for people’s obsession with him. West says he strives for inspiration.

During his ten-minute rant, Kim Kardashian’s husband says that all the things he shares with the crowd could potentially put his career on the rocks, such as exposing his non-existent friendship with Jay Z, but at the end of the day, Kanye says he feels better saying it than keeping it inside him.

Prior to Kim Kardashian’s scary Paris ordeal, reports had claimed that the twosome was constantly arguing with one another and that Kim was ready to move on with her life.

Considering all the things regarding Kanye West and his support for Donald Trump, sources are convinced that Kim Kardashian may end up pulling the plug on the marriage all in the hopes of saving her own reputation.

Kim has yet to publicly address the matter at hand with Kanye and Kim Kardashian. Although, considering that the singer and her husband haven’t even bothered to call West since his initial rant about the twosome, it seems as if there’s no chance for them to reconcile, one fan wrote on Twitter.

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