WWE News: Nikki Bella’s Shocking Opponent For ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Revealed, Will She Be Involved in the SmackDown Women’s Title Match?

Most of the rumors about WWE’s women’s matches heading into Wrestlemania 33 have been in regards to Raw, but WWE officials have a few surprises planned for SmackDown’s women as well. It was reported this week that Becky Lynch versus Mickie James will be a huge feud for the coming months, but it isn’t expected to be featured on the Wrestlemania 33 card. Instead, whoever is facing Nikki Bella will be given that chance.

Since her return at WWE Summerslam from major neck surgery, WWE has pushed Nikki Bella as a top face in the women’s division of SmackDown. Her face run hasn’t come easy. The WWE Universe isn’t completely sold on Nikki as a top babyface because she is a natural heel. WWE officials have made her address almost every negative criticism she’s received in her wrestling career from the WWE Universe in her rivalries.

The feud with Carmella forced her to address the rumor that her relationship with John Cena has helped her become more successful in WWE. The rivalry with Natalya is getting deeper into why Nikki Bella has been successful in WWE, and everyone is doing their best to establish Nikki as one of the company’s top faces.

Nikki Bellas Wrestlemania 33 Plans Have Been Revealed

Nikki Bella is the most accomplished and experienced female performer on SmackDown. Becky Lynch is the top female babyface for the brand, but Nikki Bella is the top female star. With Wrestlemania 33 around the just corner, WWE officials will need to figure out how many women from SmackDown’s roster are going to be featured on the Wrestlemania 33 card. It’s been rumored that WWE may be planning a surprising feud.

The rivalry between Natalya and Nikki Bella came to fruition because someone mysteriously attacked Nikki to steal the fifth spot on Team SmackDown at WWE Survivor Series. Eventually, Natalya was revealed to be the attacker a few weeks later. However, it was reported that WWE officials were considering Becky Lynch to be revealed as the attacker to begin a feud between Bella and Lynch heading into Wrestlemania 33.

The Lass Kicker has admitted that she’d like to turn heel at some point in the future, but WWE didn’t think it was the right time for the turn. Natalya was given the “jealousy” storyline with Nikki instead, and Lynch continued the feud with Alexa Bliss over the SmackDown Women’s Championship. However, WWE officials could be thinking about bringing the rivalry back, except it would take a different path into Wrestlemania.

Alexa Bliss And Becky Lynch May Not Be Finishing Feuding

Alexa Bliss is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. Becky Lynch should be busy with Mickie James for awhile, and Nikki Bella is in a personal rivalry with Natalya. As of this writing, the expectation is the last two feuds will conclude at WWE Elimination Chamber. It was already mentioned that WWE is planning to have Nikki Bella on the Wrestlemania card. The question is who will she be facing at the show in Orlando.

It’s plausible that Lynch will win back the SmackDown Women’s title from Bliss before Wrestlemania, but a singles match for the title doesn’t make a lot of sense for the card. For example, the latest rumor on the Raw Women’s title match is Charlotte will defend the title against Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax. WWE may do the same thing on SmackDown with Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and Alexa Bliss for the Women’s title.

WWE officials could add another heel to the mix like Mickie James, Natalya or Eva Marie to get them on the Wrestlemania card and make the title match a Fatal Four Way. The powers that be want as many women on the show as possible, but they’re also going to ensure that Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella are both featured in a huge match. As of this writing, expect both women to be a part of the SmackDown Women’s title match at Wrestlemania.

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